Dr. Hill is an applied social psychologist who studies the influence of social, cultural, and historical context on gender and sexuality. He's known for the "Genderism and Transphobia Scale" a questionnaire that has been used in over a hundred studies of anti-trans prejudice, and he continues to conduct experimental quantitative studies of anti-trans prejudice. He's also known for his oral history approach to psychology: he's published an oral history of Toronto's trans community, and has several oral and life history projects under way, including a study of New York's neo-burlesque performers, life stories of crossdressers in the 1980s, residents in a college dorm, and an intersectional analysis of residents of the Willowbrook State School. He has also published on the theory/practice problem in social psychology.


PhD, University of Windsor (Canada)

MA, University of Saskatchewan

BA, University of Saskatchewan (Canada)

Scholarship / Publications

Hill, D.B. (2016). Sexual admissions: An intersectional Analysis of Certifications and Residency at Willowbrook State School (1950-1985). Sexuality and Disability, 34, 103-129.
Goode, D., Hill, D.B., Reiss, J., & Bronston, W. (2013). A history and sociology of Willowbrook State School. Washington, DC: American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.
Hill, D.B. (2012). Trans Toronto: An oral history. New York: William Rodney Press.