Prior to joining the faculty at the School of Education at the College of Staten Island, Dr. Someki was a certified Clinical Psychologist in Japan and on faculty at Hamamatsu University School of Medicine. One of the projects she engaged in was a large-scale cohort study focusing on the early identification of children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) in Japan, and her ongoing research project includes cross-cultural perspectives of ASD diagnosis and its stigma in society, in collaboration with researchers in Japan. As a former Fulbright Scholar, Dr. Someki stresses the importance of understanding and embracing diverse cultural/ethnic backgrounds to truly understand all students.

Dr. Someki has rich experience in assessing and providing services for students with disabilities such as ASD, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD), both in the United States and in Japan. Her work on assessment also includes the translation and standardization of several major assessment tools (e.g., Conners’ Adult ADHD Rating Scales: CAARS, Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scales, Second Edition: VABS-II) into Japanese, and the book, " Essentials of Assessment Report Writing" written by her mentor, Dr. Alan Kaufman (Yale University), one of the first textbooks on comprehensive assessment report writing available in Japan  Dr. Someki believes that solid assessment (both formal and informal) is critical to an effective individual education plan (IEP) and intervention planning for all students.


Ph.D., University of Minnesota, Educational Psychology

M.Ed., Tokyo Gakugei University (Japan), School Education

B.A., Waseda University (Japan), Human Sciences

Special Education Licensure (Emotional/Behavior Disorders), Minnesota

Scholarship / Publications

Selected Publications:
Kawakami, C., Ohnishi, M., Sugiyama, T., Someki, F., Nakamura, K., & Tsujii, M. (2012). The risk factors for criminal behaviour in high-functioning autism spectrum disorders (HFASDs): A comparison of childhood adversities between individuals with HFASDs who exhibit criminal behaviour and those with HFASD and no criminal histories. Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders, 6, 949–957.

Jitendra, A. K., Star, J. R., Rodriguez, M., Lindell, M., & Someki, F. (2011). Improving students’ proportional thinking using schema-based instruction. Learning and Instruction, 21, 731-745.

Someki, F., & Burns, K. B. (2009). Methods for measuring student response to stimulant medication: A meta-analytic review. Psychology in the Schools, 46, 388-396.

Selected Presentations :
Someki, F., Ito, H., Nakajima, S., Mochizuki, N., Noda, W., Takayanagi, N., & Tsujii, M. (2013, May).Sensitivity of screening toddlers at risk of autism spectrum disorders using M-CHAT through mandatory health checkups at 18 and 36 months in Japan. Oral presentation at the 2013 International Meeting for Autism Research, San Sebastian, Spain.

Someki, F., Chang, P. N.,&  Jitendra, A. (2013, April ). Executive function deficits among children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder with and without fetal alcohol spectrum disorders. Paper presented at the American Educational Research Association Annual Convention, San Francisco, CA.

Someki, F., Miyachi, T., Tsuchiya, K. J., Matsumoto, K., Seno, Y., Nakajima, S., & Tsujii, M. (2012, May). Prospective case study of siblings of children with autism spectrum disorders in Japan. Paper presented at the 2012 International Meeting for Autism Research, Toronto, Canada.