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H. Ege Ozen

Associate Professor

Professor Ozen completed his doctoral studies in political science at Binghamton University (SUNY) and specialized in comparative politics. His research interests include voting behavior, domestic politics of the Middle Eastern and North African countries, elections and electoral processes, political parties, and representation.

Professor Ozen teaches courses in comparative politics, Middle Eastern politics, research methods, democratization, and party politics.


PhD in Political Science at Binghamton

MA in Political Science at Binghamton University (SUNY)

MA in History at Bogazici University

BA in Political Science at Istanbul Bilgi University

BA in Sociology at Istanbul Bilgi University

Scholarship and Publications

Ozen, H. Ege, Aysenur Dal, and Efe Tokdemir, “‘Welcoming’ Guests: The Role of Ideational and Contextual Factors in Public Perceptions About Refugees and Attitudes about Their Integration” International Relations, 2023.
Ozen, H. Ege, Andrew Bennett, & Ekrem Karakoc, “Mobilizing for What? Polarized Citizens and Electoral Turnout in Transitioning Tunisia” Mediterranean Politics, 2022, 
Karakoc, Ekrem and H. Ege Ozen, “Turkish Public Opinion and Cultural and Political Demands of the “Kurdish Street”” in Kurds and Yezidis in the Middle East. Ed. Gunes Murat Tezcur. I.B. Tauris. (2021):147-165.
Tokdemir, Efe, Seden Akcinaroglu, H. Ege Ozen, and Ekrem Karakoc, “’War of Others’: National Cleavages and Attitudes towards External Conflicts” International Interactions, 2020 (online first), 
Karakoc, Ekrem and H. Ege Ozen, “Cultural and political demands of the ‘Kurdish street’” in Kurds in the Middle East: Enduring Problems and New Dynamics. Eds. Mehmet Gurses, Michael Gunter, & David Romano. Rowman & Littlefield. (2020):21-47.
Ozen, H. Ege. 2018. "Voting for secular parties in the Middle East: Evidence from the 2014 general elections in post-revolutionary Tunisia." The Journal of North African Studies 
Ozen, H. Ege. 2017. "Egypt’s 2011–2012 parliamentary elections: Voting for religious vs. secular democracy?” Mediterranean Politics 23(4): 453-478.
Madariaga, Amuitz Garmendia and H. Ege Ozen. “Looking for Two-sided Coattail Effects: Integrated Parties and Multilevel Elections in the U.S.” Electoral Studies, 2015, 40:66-75.
Moral, Mert, H. Ege Ozen, and Efe Tokdemir. “Bringing the Incumbency Advantage into Question for Proportional Representation” Electoral Studies, 2015, 40:56-65.

H. Ege Ozen

Contact Information

Office: Building 2N Room 222C