My research objectives revolve around the themes of low-temperature geochemistry and sedimentology, the interpretation of natural chemical cycles within the Earth and the application of such processes to the evaluation and remediation of contaminated sediments. Recent research includes the modelling of pore fluid chemistry in subduction zone fluids, and interpretation of rare earth elements in sedimentary rocks from different tectonic environments, including the identification of volcanic events in sedimentary rocks from the Newark Basin (NJ). Recent work on Staten Island includes soil geochemistry at Crooke’s Point, the origin of glacial sediments in Charleston and coastal changes resulting from storms and sea level rise.

I spent several years overseeing the writing, approval and introduction of two new B.S. programs at CSI - a B.S. in Earth and Environmental Science and a B.S. in Earth Science for educators in grades 7 - 12. Currently, I coordinate these programs, along with the Geology minor.


Ph.D., Geology, University College, London, Great Britain

B.Sc. (Hons), Geology, University of Edinburgh, Scotland

Scholarship / Publications

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