Jonathan R. Peters is a professor of finance in the Business Department at The College of Staten Island of The City University of New York and a Research Fellow at The University Transportation Research Center at The City College of New York. He received his Ph.D. in Economics from the City University of New York.  He has previously published in The Journal of Applied Finance, Transportation Quarterly and most recently in Public Works Management & Policy. He currently conducts research in the areas of regional planning, road and mass transit financing, corporate and public sector performance metrics, capital costs and performance management.


BS, College of Staten Island

MA, Hunter College

PhD, CUNY Graduate Center

Scholarship / Publications

Peters, Jonathan R. and Kramer, Jonathan K. (2005) “The Environmental Degradation of the Toll Collection Process During Peak Travel Periods:  Evidence from the Garden State Parkway” Public Works Management & Policy, 9(4).
Peters, Jonathan R. and Kramer, Jonathan K. (2003) “The Inefficiency of Toll Collection as a Means of Taxation: Evidence from the Garden State Parkway,” Transportation Quarterly, 57(3)
Kramer, Jonathan K. and Peters, Jonathan R. (2001) “An Interindustry Analysis of Economic Value Added as a Proxy for Market Value Added," Journal of Applied Finance, 11(1).

Peters, Jonathan R. and Kress, Michael E. “Traffic Flow Modeling: Operational Issues on Staten Island”. Special Report for the Borough President of Staten Island.  Staten Island, New York, February 11, 2006.
Peters, Jonathan and Perrotta, Alexis, “What Are the Best Practices?: Well-Designed Legislation and Agreements Help Ensure Successful Projects”.
Perrotta, Alexis and Peters, Jonathan,“Where Has This Been Implemented?: Case Studies in Public-Private Partnerships”
Briefing papers for the New York State Department of Transportation.  Prepared for the conference Partnerships for New York: Innovative Transportation Financing and Contracting Strategies: Opportunities for New York State, Albany, New York, March 8, 2006.