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Krishnaswami Raja

Associate Professor

Over fifteen years of research and mentoring experience both in the industry and academia in the areas of biomaterials, organic chemistry, polymer synthesis, drug discovery and development. Produced over 40 peer reviewed papers and patents. Research has been funded both by the industry and federal agencies. Mentored several doctoral students, postdoctoral fellows and over fifty undergraduate researchers. Delivered numerous lectures at both National and International venues. Managed research teams, served on conference organization panels at the international level and as an editor/advisory board member of a peer reviewed journal. Taught almost all undergraduate level chemistry courses including Organic chemistry, General chemistry, Chemistry for non-science majors and nursing majors. Graduate level courses taught- Advanced Polymer Chemistry.



Integrated Ph.D., Indian Institute of Science

Scholarship and Publications

1) "Rapid bactericidal activity of amphiphilic polyacrylate terpolymer system comprised of same centered comonomers with 2-carbon and 6-carbon spacer arms and an uncharged repeat unit"; Punia, K.∞; Punia, A.; Chatterjee, K. ; Mukherjee, S.; Fata, J.; Banerjee, P.; Raja, K.S.; Yang, N-L. RSC Advances 2017, 7, 10192-10199.
2) "Rediscovering Chemical Gardens: Self-assembling Cytocompatible Protein-Intercalated Silicate-Phosphate Sponge-Mimetic Tubules"; Kamia Punia, Michael Bucaro, Andrew Mancuso, Christina Cuttitta, Alexandra Marsillo, Alexey Bykov, William L’Amoreaux, Raja, K.S.* , Langmuir, 2016 August 30, 2016,Volume 32, Issue 34 Pages 8557-8766 (Cover Page Article)
4) "Green Anchors: Chelating Properties of ATRP-Click Curcumin-Polymer Conjugates."; Averick, A.; Dolai, S.; Punia, A.; Punia, K.; Guariglia, S.R.; L’Amoreaux, W.; Hong, K.;Raja, K.S*. React Funct PolyM., 2016,Vol 102, 47-52.
5)  “Curcumin Changes the Polarity of Tumor-Associated Microglia and Eliminates Glioblastoma” Mukherjee, S.; Baidoo, J.; Fried, A.; Atwi, D.; Dolai, S.; Boockvar, J.; Symons, M.; Ruggieri, R.; Raja, K.S.; Banerjee, P. Int J Cancer. 2016;139(12):2838-2849. doi: 10.1002/ijc.30398
6)  Raja, K., Fata, J.E.; Banerjee, P.; Castellanos.; M. R.; Punia, K.; Mancuso, A.; Chatterjee,K. “Bioactive incorporated biodegradable nanofibers as sutures” United States patent application 2017 patent  number 62595795.
7) “Curcumin derivatives” Raja, K.S*; Alonso, A. ∆ ∞; Banerjee, P.; Dolai, S.; Averick, S#.; Corbo, C.; Shi, W.; Debnath, S. ∞; Mogha, S 2017 US Patent number 9650404
8) Triterpene glycoside and triterpene compositions and methods of using same “Einbond, L.S. ∞; and Raja, K.S. United States Patent 9643995 2017
7) “Living Copolymer-Protein/Peptide Hybrids For Biomedical Applications” Raja, K.S.*.; Shi, W.; Dolai, S.; Averick, S.; L`Amoreaux, W.; Banerjee, P. United States Patent US9242010 B2, 2016 

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Contact Information

Office: Building 6S Room 332A
Fax: 718.982.3910