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Kristin Mammen

Associate Professor

Kristin Mammen is an applied microeconomist at the City University of New York, College of Staten Island.  Professor Mammen's research investigates empirically the economic well-being of women and children, in both developing and developed countries.  Historically, women's economic autonomy has been hindered by gender discrimination and by their unique role in childbearing.  Although women have made great strides in the labor market, their economic well-being is still largely determined by their husbands’ economic status, or the lack of a husband’s income if they are not married. Similarly, children’s economic well-being is determined by their parent’s financial resources.  Understanding the role of the family in creating and marshalling economic resources therefore provides critical insights to social scientists and policymakers working to improve the lot of women and children in society. Dr. Mammen has used micro data to study a range of family constellations in a variety of settings, including polygamous and extended families in Africa, and nuclear, father-absent, and older-couple families in the United States.


PhD in Economics, Princeton University

Scholarship and Publications

Professor Mammen’s research has been published in well-known journals such as the American Economic Review Papers and Proceedings and the Journal of Human Resources.  She has presented papers at numerous conferences including those of the American Economics Association, the Society of Labor Economists, and the Population Association of America. Her work has been supported by the  Center for Retirement Research at Boston College. and by the American Time Use Survey Early Results Conference of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Contact Information

Office: Building 3N Room 230
Fax: 718.982.2965