Mark Aaron Polger is an Assistant Professor at the College of Staten Island Library.  Prior to joining the College of Staten Island, Mark was a Medical Librarian at Humber River Regional Hospital in Toronto (Canada) and an adjunct instructor in the Library and Information Technician Program at Seneca College, also in Toronto (Canada).

His work for the College of Staten Island includes working on the reference desk and assisting students with their research. He also represents the Library Liaison for the academic departments of Psychology, Biology, and Chemistry. In addition, he also supports the Library Instruction Program by providing formal library instruction classes, along with his other colleagues. Mark's research interests include marketing and promotion of libraries and user experience studies.


B.A., Concordia University

M.L.I.S., University of Western Ontario

M.A., University of Waterloo

B.Ed., Brock University

Scholarship / Publications

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Polger, Mark Aaron, & Stempler, Amy F. (2013). Do You See the signs?: Evaluating Language, Branding, and Design in a Library signage Audit.Public Services Quarterly, 9(2), forthcoming.

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