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Mark Feuer


Professor Feuer’s current research is centered on applications of optical and communications technologies that can transform society.  

As an industrial researcher at AT&T Labs, JDS Uniphase, and Bell Labs, he has been an active contributor to the incredible advances in fiber-optics and electronics that have made the Internet, cell phones, and Global Positioning Systems (GPS) possible.   His ongoing research at CSI is devoted to writing the next chapters of the information revolution, including infrastructure for the Internet of Things (IoT), adaptive data center networks to support Big Data initiatives, and intelligent buildings for energy efficiency and ubiquitous connectivity.  Although optical components such as lasers, wavelength-selective switches and single-photon detectors play a prominent role, innovations in network design and data encoding will be essential elements of system-level solutions as well.

Dr. Feuer is a member of the Optical Society of America and the American Physical Society and is a Senior Member of the IEEE.  He has served on numerous conference program committees, and was General Chair of the large and prestigious OFC/NFOEC2009 conference.  He has also served as Associate Editor of the IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices.


Ph.D. in Solid State Physics, Yale University, New Haven CT

B.A. in Physics, Harvard University, Cambridge MA

Scholarship and Publications

Dr. Feuer has published over 130 journal articles, refereed conference papers and book chapters.  A few recent works include:

1. “Space-Division Multiplexing – Do We Have A Choice?”, M. D. Feuer, Plenary talk in OECC2013. [invited]
2. “ROADM System for Space Division Multiplexing with Spatial Superchannels”, M. D. Feuer, L. E. Nelson, K. Abedin, X. Zhou, T.F. Taunay, J. F. Fini, B. Zhu, R. Isaac, R. Harel, G. Cohen and D. M. Marom, postdeadline paper PDP5B.8 in OFC/NFOEC2013.
3. “Joint Digital Signal Processing Receivers for Spatial Superchannels”, M. D. Feuer, L. E. Nelson, X. Zhou, S. L. Woodward, R. Isaac, B. Zhu, T. F. Taunay, M. Fishteyn, J. F. Fini and M. F. Yan, IEEE Photonics Technology Lett., vol. 24, pp. 1957-1960  (2012). [invited]
4. “Service Velocity: Rapid Provisioning Strategies in Optical ROADM Networks”, S. L. Woodward,  M. D. Feuer, I. Kim, P. Palacharla, X. Wang, and D. Bihon, J. Opt. Commun. And Networks, vol. 4, pp. 92-98 (2012).
5. “Advanced ROADM Networks”, M. D. Feuer and Sheryl L. Woodward, invited paper NW3F3 in OFC/NFOEC2012. [invited]
6. “Intra-Node Contention in Dynamic Photonic Networks”, M. D. Feuer, S. L. Woodward,  P. Palacharla, X. Wang, I. Kim and D. Bihon, IEEE J. Lightwave Technol., vol.29, pp.529-535 (2011).

Contact Information

Office: Building 4N Room 204
Fax: 718.982.2830