Nancy Guo holds a PhD in Marketing Science from Rutgers University. She worked as a visiting Assistant Professor at University of New Haven from 2014-2015, before joining CSI. She has taught marketing research, marketing principles, and social media marketing, and positions herself as a marketing modeler who uses tools from statistics and economics to address firms’ strategic marketing problems and consumers’ social economic behaviors. Her research interests include digital marketing, marketing and supply chain interface, firm’s pricing strategies, social influences and social consequences of consumer behaviors.


Ph.D, Rutgers University

Scholarship / Publications

Dr. Guo has published articles in Information Systems and Expert Systems. She has presented papers at conferences such as INFORMS Marketing Science conferences and CONFENIS etc. She is the recipient of “Summer Research Scholarship”, “Dissertation Fellowship”, and “Graduate Student Excellence Award” from Rutgers University. She is one of the selected attendees to the Columbia-Duke-UCLA Workshop on Quantitative Marketing and Structural Econometrics (QuantCamp) 2013. She has several working papers on studying the marketing strategies for digital goods.

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