Reece Peck (Assistant Professor) earned his Ph.D. in Communication from the Department of Communication at University of California, San Diego.  His research interests focus on the areas of television news, the New Right, populist rhetorical traditions and the cultural politics of class.  In his dissertation "Fox Populism in the Great Recession", he brings these fields of study together in order to explain the popularity of Fox News's free market interpretation of the late-2000s Recession.  His project develops a theoretical framework for interpreting the populist rhetorical address and branding strategy of Fox News and other key conservative media outlets. This framework draws upon sociological theories of class, political theories of populism and articulation, semiotic analysis, and concepts taken from the fields of Critical Communication, Journalism Studies, and Media Industry Studies.


Ph.D. Department of Communication, University of California, San Diego

M.A. Department of Communication, University of California, San Diego

Scholarship / Publications

Peck, Reece. "You Say Rich, I Say Job Creator": How Fox News Framed the Great Recession through the Moral Discourse of Producerism," Media, Culture & Society, April, 2014