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Richard Veit


Professor Veit is broadly interested in the ecology of birds, with special emphasis on foraging behavior of seabirds and long-distance dispersal and vagrancy of birds in general.  Dr. Veit’s students work on a variety of topics in ecology, behavior and conservation of vertebrate animals.


BA, University of Massachusetts

MS, University of Massachusetts

PhD, University of California (Irvine)

Scholarship and Publications

Refereed Publications

Zawadzki, L.C., R.R. Veit and L.L. Manne. 2019. The influence of population growth and wind on vagrancy in a North American passerine. Ardea 107:  131–147.

Jaques, D.L., K. Mills, B. Selby, R.R. Veit and M. Ziccardi. 2019. Use of molt progression and gular patch color to evaluate condition of oil spill rehabilitated California Brown Pelicans (Pelecanus occidentalis occidentalis) post release. PlosOne 14: e0211932.

Manne, L.L. and R.R. Veit. 2019. Temporal changes in abundance-occupancy relationships over 40 years. Ecology and Evolution 10: 602-611.

White, T.P. and R.R. Veit. 2019. Spatial ecology of long-tailed ducks (Clangula hyemalis) and white-winged scoters (Melanitta fusca) wintering on Nantucket Shoals: Persistent foraging areas stabilized by local enhancement. Ecospheres 11: e03002. 10.1002/ecs2.3002

Veit, R.R. 2019.  Review of Urban Ornithology: 150 years of Birds in New York City by P. A. Buckley, Walter Sedwitz, William J. Norse, and John Kieran. 2018. Comstock Publishing Associates, Cornell University Press, Ithaca, NY, USA. 514 pp.

Curley, S., L.L. Manne and R.R. Veit.  2020.  Differential winter and breeding range shifts: Implications for avian migration distances.   Diversity and Distributions 26:  415-425.

Monier, S.A., Veit, R.R. and Manne, L.L., 2020. Changes in positive associations among vertebrate predators at South Georgia during winter. Polar Biology 43: 1439-1451.

Ramírez-Garofalo, J., Curley, S.R., Ciancimino, A.V., Matarazzo, R.V. , Johnson, E.W., and R. R. Veit.  2020.  The Re-establishment of Pileated Woodpeckers in New York City Following Nearly Two Centuries of Extirpation.  Northeastern Naturalist 27: 803-816.

Thorne, L.T., R.R. Veit, M. Fuirst and Z. Baumann.  2021. Mercury concentrations provide an indicator of marine foraging in coastal birds.  Ecological Indicators 121:

Licuy, O. and R.R.  Veit.  2021. A record of Amazon Kingfisher Chloroceryle amazona west of the Andes, at the border between Ecuador and Peru.  Cotinga 43:99-100.

Veit, R.R., E. Velarde, M. Horn and L.L. Manne. 2021.  Long distance vagrancy leads to colonization in Europe by Elegant Terns Thalasseus elegans.  Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution  879.

Zawadzki, L.C., G.T. Halgrimsson, R.R. Veit, L. Rasmussen, D. Boertmann, N. Gillies and T. Guilford. 2021. Predicting source populations of vagrants using breeding population data: A case study of the Lesser Black-backed Gull (Larus fuscus).  Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution  879.

Acosta, Manne and Veit  in press.  Vagrancy in both directions.  Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution

Veit, R.R. and W.R. Petersen. 1993. Birds of Massachusetts   Massachusetts Audubon Society, Lincoln, MA. 514 pp.

Veit, R.R., E.D. Silverman, and I. Everson. 1993.  Aggregation patterns of pelagic predators and their principal prey, Antarctic krill, near South Georgia.  Journal of Animal Ecology 62: 551-564.

Veit, R.R. and M.A. Lewis.  1996.   Dispersal, population growth, and the Allee Effect: Dynamics of the House Finch Invasion of eastern North America.  The American Naturalist 148: 255-274.

Veit, R.R., P. Pyle.and J.A. McGowan. 1996.  Ocean warming and long-term change in pelagic bird abundance within the California Current System. Marine Ecology Progress Series 139: 11-18.

Veit, R.R.  2000a. Vagrants as the expanding fringe of a growing population.  Auk 117: 242-246.

Grünbaum, D. and R.R. Veit.  2003. Foraging behavior of Black-browed Albatrosses exploiting Antarctic krill: Density-dependence through local enhancement.  Ecology 84(12): 3265-3275.

Sundaram, B., A. Poje, R.R.Veit; and H. Nganguia.  2006. Acoustical dead zones and the spatial aggregation of whale strandings.  Journal of Theoretical Biology 238: 764-770.

White, T.P. , R.R. Veit and M.C. Perry.  2009.  Feeding ecology of Long-tailed Ducks Clangula hyemalis wintering on the Nantucket Shoals.  Waterbirds 32: 293-299.

Nisbet, I.C.T., R.R. Veit, S.A. Auer and T.P. White.  2013. Marine Birds of the Eastern USA and the Bay of Fundy: Distribution, Numbers, Trends, Threats and Management.  Nuttall Ornithological Monographs #29: 1-188.


NSF DEB 2049303 to RR Veit and Lisa L. Manne. 1 June 2021 – 31 May 2023. “Vagrancy and Colonization by Birds: Escape from Climate Extinction?   $53, 575.

NSF OPP 2011454 to R.R. Veit, L.L. Manne and J.A. Santora.  1 December 2021 30 November 2024. Collaborative Research: Climate, Changing Abundance and Species: Interactions of Marine Birds and Mammals at South Georgia in Winter.”   $738,511.


Professor Richard Veit

Contact Information

Office: Building 6S Room 135
Fax: 718.982.3852