Shuiqin Zhou


After she got her Ph.D. in 1996, Dr. Zhou worked as a Postdoc Research Associate at SUNY at Stony Brook. During 2000-2002, she worked as a Senior Chemist in Union Carbide/The Dow Chemical Company to develop personal care products. She joined to CSI as an Associate Professor in 2002 and was promoted to Professor in 2008.

Prof. Zhou’s current research interests include:
•  Design, synthesis, and characterization of novel glucose-sensitive nanoparticles and microgels for glucose sensing and self-regulated insulin delivery
•  Multifunctional nanomaterials from the combination of inorganic nanoparticles with responsive polymers for sensing, imaging, and drug delivery in biomedical applications
•  Composite nanomaterials from the supramolecular assembly of fullerene derivatives, surfactants, and organic dyes in the specific confinement of polymers and colloids
•  Self-assembly/association of nanoparticles, lipids, collagens, and other functional amphiphiles
•  Nanostructure and morphology study of materials using Light scattering and X-ray scattering



Ph.D. The Chinese University of Hong Kong

M. S. Xiamen University, China

B. S.  Xiamen University, China

Scholarship and Publications

Selected Recent Publications (out of 116 papers)
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