Critical digital literacies. Adolescent literacies, Methodologies for digital qualitative research


Ed.D, Teachers College, Columbia University

BA, University of California, Los Angeles

Scholarship / Publications

Schmier, S. A. (2014). Popular Culture in a Digital Media Studies Classroom. Literacy. 48(1), 39-46.

Schmier, S. A. (2012). Designing Space for Student Choice in a Digital Media Studies Classroom. In J. Avila & J. Zacher Pandya: Critical Digital Literacies as Social Praxis: Intersections and Challenges. New York, NY: Peter Lang. (Recipient of the Edward B. Fry Book Award)

Schmier, S. A. & Siegel, M. (2011). If You Want Them to Use New Literacies, Give them The Opportunity. In D. Lapp & B. Moss: Supporting New Literacies Learning in the Middle Grades. New York, NY:  Guilford Press

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