Critical digital literacies. Adolescent literacies, Methodologies for digital qualitative research


Ed.D, Teachers College, Columbia University

BA, University of California, Los Angeles

Scholarship / Publications

Recent Publicaitons

Schmier, S. A. (2019) Performing the performance assessment. English Teaching Practice and Critique.18(3).

Schmier, S. A. (2019). The myth of sharing publicly as 21st century literacy: A case study of a Bangladeshi-American girl’s mobile literacy practices. International Journal of Information and Learning Technology. 36(2), 94-103.
Schmier, S. A., Johnson, E., & Lohnes Watulak, S. (2018). Going public: Exploring the possibilities for publishing student interest-driven writing beyond the classroom. Australian Journal of Language and Literacy. 41(1), 57-66.

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Schmier, S. A. (2012). Designing Space for Student Choice in a Digital Media Studies Classroom. In J. Avila & J. Zacher Pandya: Critical Digital Literacies as Social Praxis: Intersections and Challenges. New York, NY: Peter Lang. (Recipient of the Edward B. Fry Book Award)