Academic Interests: Economic Inequality, Political Sociology, Racism, ‘Race’, and Ethnic Relations


Ph.D. University of Connecticut

M.A., University of Connecticut

B.S. University of Connecticut

Scholarship / Publications

Volscho, Thomas. 2017. "The Revenge of the Capitalist Class: Crisis,  the Legitimacy of Capitalism and the Restoration of Finance from the 1970s to Present." Critical Sociology 43: 249-66.
Enns, Peter, Nathan Kelly, Jana Morgan, Thomas Volscho, and Christopher Witko. 2014. “Conditional Status Quo Bias and Top    Income Shares: How U.S. Political Institutions have Benefited   the Rich.” Journal of Politics 76: 1-15 (lead article).
Volscho, Thomas W. and Nathan J. Kelly. 2012.  “The Rise of the Super-Rich: Power Resources, Taxes, Financial Markets, and the Dynamics of the Top 1 Percent, 1949-2008.” American Sociological Review 77: 679-99. (lead article)