The goal of our research is to link chemical and physiological interactions within metal contaminated aquatic ecosystems to alterations at several levels of biological organization. As such, our research draws on the fields of chemistry, toxicology, physiology, cellular/molecular biology and ecology to understand the fate and effects of pollutants in aquatic ecosystems. In our work we try to understand what factors control the accumulation and detoxification of metals in invertebrate prey and how these factors relate to metal toxicity and trophic transfer.  Current activities are aimed at understanding patterns in metal accumulation and toxicity in aquatic invertebrates inhabiting the waterways surrounding Staten Island. Future studies may address similar questions with terrestrial invertebrates.


PhD, SUNY Stony Brook

MS, SUNY Stony Brook

BS, Stockton State College

Scholarship / Publications

Selected Publications (most recent 6 of ~25):

Goto, D., Wallace, W.G. 2010. Bioenergetic responses of a benthic forage fish (Fundulus heteroclitus) to habitat degradation and altered prey community in polluted salt marshes. CanJ FishAquatSci 67 (10): 1566-1584.

Goto, D., Wallace, W.G. 2010. Relative importance of multiple environmental variables in structuring benthic macroinfaunal assemblages in chronically metal-polluted salt marshes. MarPollutBull 60 (3): 363-375.

Goto, D., Wallace, W.G. 2010. Metal intracellular partitioning as a detoxification mechanism for mummichogs (Fundulus heteroclitus) in urban tidal salt marshes. MarEnvironRes 69 (3):163-171.

Mackie, J.A., Levinton, J.S., Przselawski, R., DeLambert, D., Wallace, W.G. 2010. The roles of metabolic cost and dispersal in the reversal of heavy metal resistance in the oligochaete Limnodrilus hoffmeisteri. Evolution 64(1):152-165.

Goto, D., Wallace, W.G. 2009. Biodiversity loss in benthic macroinfaunal communities and its consequence for organic mercury trophic availability to benthivorous predators in the lower Hudson River estuary, USA. MarPollutBull 58 (12): 1909-1915.

Seebaugh, D.R., Wallace, W.G. 2009. Assimilation and subcellular partitioning of elements by grass shrimp collected along an impact gradient. AquatToxicol 93 107-115.