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Wilma L. Jones


Wilma L. Jones is Professor and Reference/Instruction Librarian.  She has been a member of the faculty since 1992.  Jones' research interests and publications focus on administration, assessment, and diversity and inclusion in the academic environment. She holds a bachelor and two master's degrees from Northern Illinois University and a Ph.D. from New York University.  From July 2002 to August 2017, she served as Chief Librarian at the College of Staten Island. In Fall 2022, she was appointed Director of the Faculty Center for Professional Development. Also, as of Fall 2022, she was elected for a three-year term to serve as Recording Secretary of the Executive Committee of the College Council.


Ph.D., Higher Education, New York University

MA, Library and Information Studies, Northern Illinois University

MA, English, Northern Illinois University

BA, English, Northern Illinois University

AA, Parkland Community College

Scholarship and Publications

Library refereed publications

Jones, Wilma L. and Tara Mastrorilli. (2022). Assessing the Impact of an Information Literacy Course on Students' Academic Achievement: A Mixed Methods Study. Evidence Based Library Information and Practice, 17(2), 61-87.

Jones, Wilma L. (2011).  Re-Engaging/Engaging Part-time Librarians. College & Undergraduate Libraries, 18(1), 37-43.

Jones, Wilma L. (2009) Learning Resources and Library Administration. In Academic Administration: A Quest for better Management and Leadership in Higher Education. Edited by Sheying Chen. Nova Science Publishers, 243-258.

Evans, Beth and Wilma L. Jones. (1998). Demonstrating the World Wide Web as an Academic Research Tool. The Journal of Computing in Higher Education, 9(2), 113-134.

Jones, Wilma L. (1997/1998) The Professional Status of Librarians in a Changing World: A Selective Bibliography. Urban Library Journal, 10(1/2), 55-61.

Jones, Wilma L. (1996).  A Review of Journals Dealing with the Internet." The Serials Librarian, 30(2), 35-44.

Jones, Wilma L. (1995).  A Profile of an African University Library: Fourah Bay College Library.  Third World Libraries, 5(2), 22-29.


Other refereed publications

Akinsulure-Smith, Adeyinka, Natasha Dachos, and Wilma L. Jones. (2013). Nah We Yone’s De Fambul Camp: Facilitating Resilience in Displaced African Children.” Journal of Immigrant and Refugee Studies, 11(3), 221-240.

Akinsulure-Smith, Adeyinka and Wilma L. Jones. (2011).  Nah We Yone – A grassroots Community-Based Organization in New York City: Successes, Challenges, and Lessons Learned.  International Journal of Migration, Health, and Social Care, 7(1), 44-57.

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Contact Information

Office: Building 1L Room 219