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An-Yun Yeh

Assistant Professor

An-Yun Yeh PhD, MS, BSN, Post Doc fellowhip, RN

My research area is cognitive performance and sleep in older adults. Human cognitive function has interested me since I took the bio-behavioral courses offered in my master’s program. I was introduced to the influence of physiological factors (i.e., aging, sleep, or physical activities) and pathological problems (i.e., cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and cancer) on human cognition and, in turn, the impact on human functional status, self-care ability, and mortality. To explore my research interest more deeply, I was admitted to the University of Michigan School of Nursing PhD program in September 2009. My dissertation research topic was how sleep disturbances in healthy older adults relate to episodic memory performance. The results showed that episodic memory in healthy older adults was significantly related to sleep disturbances as well as other domains of cognition (i.e., executive function and cognitive reserve). After obtaining my PhD degree, I started my post-doctoral training at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. My post-doctoral training focused on NIH grant writing, actigraphy data re-coding, and analysis to compare the association of executive function with self-reported and objective sleep in heart failure patients, teaching, and post-master certificate training.


PhD, University of Michigan at Ann Arbor

BSN, National Taiwan University

MS, University of Michigan at Ann Arbor

Post-doctoral fellowship, University of Nebraska Medical Center

Post-Master Certificate for Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner program, University of Nebraska Medical Center

Scholarship and Publications

*Yeh, A. Y., Pressler, S. J., & Giordani, B. J. (2021). Actigraphic and self-reported sleep measures in older adults: factor analytic study. Western Journal of Nursing Research, Advance online publication. [IF= 1.965]
*Yeh, A. Y., Pressler, S. J., Algase, D., Struble, L. M., Pozehl, B. J., Berger, A. M., & Giordani, B. J. (2021). Sleep-wake disturbances and episodic memory in older adults. Biological Research for Nursing, 23(2), 141-150. [doi] [IF= 2.522](advanced published in 2020) 
*Halloway, S., Jung, M., Yeh, A. Y., Liu, J., McAdams, E., Barley, M., Dorsey, S. G., & Pressler, S. J. (2020). An Integrative Review of Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor and Serious Cardiovascular Conditions. Nursing research, 69(5), 376–390.[IF=2.381]
*Yeh, A.Y., Pressler, S. J., Giordani, B.J., Pozehl, B. J., & Berger, A. (2018). Integrative Review of the Relationship between Sleep Disturbances and Episodic Memory in Older Adults. Biological Research for Nursing, 20(4), 440-451. [IF= 2.522]
*Jung, M., Yeh, A.Y., & Pressler, S. J. (2012). Heart failure and skilled nursing facilities: review of the literature. Journal of Cardiac Failure, 18(11), 854-871. [IF=5.712]

An-Yun Yeh

Contact Information

Office: Building 5S Room 205