Campus Planning

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Jorma Loci, Project Manager

George Sulley, Project Manager

Ghenadie Covaliov, Facilities Coordinator


  • Maintain Liaison with CUNY Department of Design, Construction and Management (DDCM) and the Dormitory Authority, State of New York, (DASNY) on new construction and major renovation projects.
  • Capital Budget
    Prepare annual capital budget requests and Borough President's and City Council Budget requests (Reso A.'s.) Manage CUNY Minor Repair Budget.
  • Renovations and Alterations
    Provide and secure services in architecture, engineering, cost estimating, and construction management for all college renovations and alterations.
  • Government Regulations
    Ensure compliance with all relevant local, state and national rules and regulations having jurisdiction.
  • Space Utilization
    Monitor assignment and utilization of instructional and administrative space on campus. Prepare bi-annual campus facilities floor plan books.
  • Disability Issues
    Monitor and coordinate remediation of deficiencies related to access for persons with disabilities.


  • Design Feasibility Studies
    Upon receipt of the approved Project Request Form, the Office will prepare design feasibility studies and preliminary cost estimates for various space renovations.
  • Furniture and Furnishings
    In order to maintain design continuity and durability standards, all office furniture and furnishings are selected and purchased by the Campus Planning Office.
  • How to Order Furniture
    Requests for furniture must be submitted by the administrative head of the office by memo or e-mail to Ghenadie Covaliov's ( attention. A justification must be included.
  • Signage
    The Campus Planning Office provides and secures all signage on campus. Requests for interior name and office designation signs must be submitted by the administrative head of the office or the respective dean. Requests for exterior special event signs must be submitted by e-mail to Ghenadie Covaliov's ( attention a minimum of two weeks prior to the event.
  • Space reservation and Rental College-related Special Events:
    Requests for reservations of classrooms for a College-related special event should be directed by e-mail to or at x3251.
    Non-College-related special events:
    Requests for rental of classrooms or outdoor facilities should be addressed by letter to Lorraine Brocato's attention.