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The Office of Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) promotes a safe and healthy campus environment for students, faculty and staff by developing and implementing policies and programs that minimize risks related to environmental health and occupational safety.  EHS provides training programs, technical support and emergency response services to research/teaching labs and workplaces to facilitate efforts towards compliance with regulatory agencies’ environmental and safety laws at federal, state and city levels.


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Environmental Compliance

In 2002 the City University of New York and the Environmental Protection Agency signed an agreement that allowed CUNY to have their component colleges audited for compliance with EPA regulations. This audit was to be completed by a third-party and the results were to be submitted to the EPA. The College of Staten Island was the first college in the CUNY system to go through this audit. The audit was completed in February of 2003 and the results submitted to the EPA in February of 2004.

The following plans and policies were developed in order to comply with EPA regulations. They represent the environmental policy of the College of Staten Island.

  • *CSI Hazardous Waste Management Plan
  • *CSI Radioactive Waste Management Plan
  • *CSI Regulated Waste Management Plan
  • *CSI Used Oil and Universal Waste Management Plan

*For a copy of this document please contact the Office of Environmental Health and Safety at ehs@csi.cuny.edu, or call 718.982.4300.

Laboratory Safety

The Environmental Health and Safety Office is responsible for ensuring that College laboratory safety policies are followed in campus research and teaching laboratories. The Chemical Hygiene Officer is the individual that manages laboratory safety issues on the whole campus. This individual reports to the Director of the Environmental Health and Safety Office.

Laboratories and shops can often have unique hazards and generate wastes that cannot be discarded into regular trash receptacles. The staff of the Office of Environmental Health and Safety is available to answer questions on topics related to the health, safety, and well-being of all members of the campus community and environmental impact of waste materials that we discard.

The Chemical Hygiene Plan and CUNY Lab Safety Manual are as follows:

Lab Safety Training

All faculty, staff, and students who work in a laboratory are required by law to attend initial Lab Safety Training within 30 days of their appointment/assignment. Initial Laboratory safety training must be attended in person. Complete the registration form to sign up for a live classroom training.

If you have already received your initial live training and require a periodic refresher, you may either attend a live training or complete on-line refresher components remotely. Refresher trainings cover the same components required in the initial training, but are designed for experienced laboratory users. You must register for refresher training as you would for initial training so that you can be placed into the correct refresher program.


You have the right to know about hazardous materials in your work place and what you can do to protect yourself and others from any hazards they may exhibit. The Office of EH&S offers NYS Right to Know -Hazard Communication training, a requirement of State and Federal Laws, to all faculty, staff and students working in laboratories or with hazardous materials in the course of their duties. We encourage all faculty to attend periodically and ensure that their staff and students attend this training periodically in an effort to maintain the highest levels of health and safety compliance attainable.

Chemical Management and Inventory

College of Staten Island maintains an online inventory of laboratory chemicals. In addition, a surplus chemical reagents  inventory is maintained within the Chemical Storage suite in Laboratory Science Building 6S. Please reach out to EHS office at ehs@csi.cuny.edu or x4300 for access to surplus chemical reagents inventory.

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