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Additional Resources

The WAC Clearinghouse
The WAC Clearinghouse, hosted by Colorado State University, is the most comprehensive WAC and WID website designed for use by administrators, faculty, and graduate students. It includes thousands of journal articles, books, and bibliographies on writing issues in every discipline. It also features WAC conference announcements, along with information about WAC and writing fellow programs at major colleges and universities.

The OWL (Online Writing Lab) at Purdue University

The OWL is an excellent all-around writing site for faculty and undergraduates. It is both comprehensive and user-friendly. It features general items that are eminently useful for undergraduates – sections on “The Writing Process,” “Internet Literacy,” “Grammar and Mechanics,” “Research and Citation,” and “General Academic Writing.” It also has a section on “Professional, Technical, and Job Search Writing.” This section features sound advice on resumes, cover letters and the like, while also delving into stylistic questions of professional writing with sections like “Business Letters: Accentuating the Positives,” that give students a taste of the rhetorical culture of their chosen profession.