Reasonable Accommodations and Academic Adjustments

The City University of New York, in compliance with Section 504 of the Federal Rehabilitation Act of 1973 ("Rehabilitation Act"), the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 ("ADA"), New York State Executive Law §296, and New York City Human Rights Law, provides qualified individuals with disabilities the opportunity to participate in programs, activities, or employment. Access the full CUNY Procedures for Implementing Reasonable Accommodations and Academic Adjustments policy.

The City University of New York (“CUNY”) is committed to providing reasonable accommodations and academic adjustments to allow qualified individuals the opportunity to participate in programs, activities and employment. CUNY recognizes that there may be times when employees and their supervisors, as well as students and their instructors, can resolve accommodation requests informally. However, in many cases, such requests require a more formal process with the request being made to and considered by a designated decision-maker, with the opportunity for an appeal, as provided for in these procedures.
The following procedures apply to reasonable accommodations and academic adjustments in connection with:

  • a disability,
  • pregnancy, childbirth, or a medical condition related to pregnancy or childbirth,
  • religious practices, and
  • status as a victim of domestic violence, sex offense or stalking.
  • CUNY will thoroughly review all requests on a case-by-case basis in accordance with applicable federal, state and New York City law.
  • CUNY prohibits retaliation against individuals for requesting reasonable accommodations or academic adjustments, appealing decisions concerning such requests, or for making or participating in claims of discrimination.
  • All requests for accommodations and academic adjustments, and all supporting documentation, including but not limited to medical information, are considered confidential and will be shared with college officials only on a need-to-know basis.  Such documentation will only be used to evaluate the requested accommodation.  Employee and applicant accommodation documentation will be kept in a separate file in the Office for Human Resources or the Office of Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, depending on which office is evaluating the accommodation request.  Student accommodation documentation will be kept in the Office of Accessibility Services, the Office of Student and Enrollment Services, or the Office of Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, depending on which office is evaluating the accommodation request.
  • Academic Adjustments: Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (“Section 504”) requires CUNY to provide academic adjustments to qualified students with disabilities by (a) modifying academic requirements unless such requirements are essential to the instruction being pursued or to any directly related licensing requirement; (b) ensuring that course examinations for students with disabilities reflect their achievement in the course and not their disabilities; (c) taking steps to ensure that a qualified student is not excluded from participation or discriminated against because of the absence of educational auxiliary aids; and (d) ensuring that no rules have the effect of limiting the participation of students with disabilities in any educational program or activity.
  • Qualified individual with a Disability: An employee or applicant for employment with a disability who satisfies the skill, experience, education, and other job-related requirements for the position and who can perform the essential functions of the job with or without a reasonable accommodation.  Similarly, for students, a qualified individual with a disability is a student who meets the academic and technical standards required for admission or participation in the chosen program with or without a reasonable accommodation or academic adjustment.   
  • Reasonable Accommodation: Although each accommodation request will be assessed individually, reasonable accommodations, in a general sense, are modifications made to remove workplace barriers and enable qualified individuals to perform their jobs.  For qualifying students, reasonable accommodations are adjustments to policy, practice, and programs that “level the playing field” and provide equal access to CUNY’s academic and non-academic programs and activities.  Reasonable accommodations are addressed on a case-by-case basis.



For more information please contact us

Students with disabilities may contact:

Office of Accessibility Services 
Center for the Arts (1P), Room 101

Faculty, staff, and applicants for employment with disabilities may contact:

Office of Human Resources 
Building 1A, Room 201

For additional questions or concerns about any accessibility accommodations, please contact:

Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 
Building 1A, Room 205

504/ADA Coordinator:  Each College or unit at CUNY, including the University’s Central Office (the “Central Office”), has a 504/ADA Coordinator whose contact information is available on the College or University website.  The 504/ADA Coordinator is responsible for ensuring that disability accommodation requests from employees, prospective employees, students and visitors are processed in accordance with CUNY procedures, addressing appeals of accommodations/academic adjustment decisions through mediation or investigation, as necessary, monitoring the CUNY College or unit for 504/ADA compliance, collecting data, and providing information and guidance.

The 504/ADA Compliance Committee serves as an advisory committee to the 504/ADA Compliance Coordinator. The committee assists in formulating new ideas and monitoring the College for 504/ADA Compliance. The Committee is comprised of representatives from various divisions, departments, programs, and services that make up the College. The Coordinator for Disabled Student Services is a member of the committee.

College of Staten Island 504/ADA Compliance Committee Members: 

Tara Mastrangelo
Confidential Executive Officer for Title IX/504/ADA

Jessica Collura
Interim Chief of Staff/Deputy to the President, 1A-403A
(718) 982-2376

Patricia Kahn
AVP & CIO for Information Technology Services
(718) 982-2350

Professor Zaghloul Ahmed  
Physical Therapy Department, 5N-207

Professor Vandana Chaudhry
Department of Social Work, 2A-201K

Stefan Charles-Pierre
Director, Office of Accessibility Services, 1P-101 
(718) 982-2510

Professor Christine Flynn Saulnier
Social Work Department, 2A-201

Professor Kristen Gillespie-Lynch
Psychology Department, 4S-103

Danielle Dimitrov
Dean of Students, 1A-401A
(718) 982-2335

John Jankowski 
Director, Center for the Arts, 1P-116
(718) 982-2506

Michael Lederhandler
Director, Public Safety, 2A-108
(718) 982-2113

Keith Pisons
Administrative Superintendent, 1M-203 
(718) 982-3206

Daniel Palmieri

  • For the purpose of these procedures, “students” refers to students and prospective students.