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College Curriculum Office

The college curriculum is the responsibility of the faculty with the assistance of the Office of Academic Affairs. Changes in the curriculum originate within an academic department or program and are considered by one of three College Committees, the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee, the General Education Committee, or the Graduate Studies Committee, and the Faculty Senate. Following campus approvals, the curricular items are reviewed and appear in a CUNY Academic Report (formerly the Chancellor’s University Report) and, when appropriate, the changes are reported to the New York State Education Department (NYSED). The Curriculum Office is the office of record for documents of the committees and the Undergraduate and Graduate catalogs. A curriculum proposal guide for faculty is available on CUNY Blackboard > Home > My Organizations > Curriculum (College of Staten Island).

Contact Information

Veronica DiMeglio

Curriculum Coordinator

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Process and Proposals

A curriculum item, new course, new program, change in program, change in course, originates with the faculty and is reviewed by the Department Curriculum Committee and, following this approval, submitted to the Divisional Dean for review and inclusion on the agenda for the appropriate committee, Undergraduate Curriculum, General Education, or Graduate Studies. After review and approval by the Undergraduate Curriculum, General Education, or Graduate Studies committee the item is sent by the Curriculum Coordinator to the Executive Committee of the Faculty Senate for placement on the agenda for the Faculty Senate meeting. Following review and approval by the Faculty Senate the item is placed by the Curriculum Coordinator on the appropriate Chancellor's or University Report. Ultimately, the item becomes a change or addition to the undergraduate or graduate catalog.