Writing Center Tutoring


The Writing Center is closed for summer but will reopen with a full schedule for the FALL 2024 semester!

The Writing Center can help with any part of the writing process from understanding the assignment and brainstorming to revision and reflection. 
Writing Center tutors are there to listen, strategize, suggest, diagnose, and offer advice. They serve as sounding boards, careful readers, and helpful critics, and are able to help draw out ideas and possibilities that are implicit in a student's own thinking and writing. 
Making an appointment has never been easier. Using the Navigate app, you can select the tutor, time slot, and modality that works best for you.

  • A welcoming environment conducive to thinking and writing
  • A place to do your work independently (using our computers or your own)
  • A place to work with the added security of knowing a tutor is nearby to answer questions
  • One-to-one tutoring sessions for any part of the writing process
  • Group sessions 
  • Workshops

Vincent received his BA in English in 2017 from the Macaulay Honors College at CSI with a concentration in Writing and a minor in Disability Studies. He then received his MA in English from CSI in 2020. He has been tutoring at the Writing Center since the 2016-2017 academic year. Vincent currently works as a tutor and Assistant Director at the Writing Center. Vincent also teaches first-year composition at CSI. He has a passion for writing and helping other writers express themselves, their unique perspectives, and their own stories through writing. In addition to academic writing, he has a keen interest in poetry, playwriting, and fiction writing. 
James (he/him) received his M.A. in English from the College of Staten Island in 2022 and has been an adjunct lecturer for the writing program since 2021. In his previous lives, he served as a writer and editor for a variety of arts and entertainment publications. He encourages writers to follow their curiosity, harness their unique voice and treat writing for what it is, a process.  
Amina is currently a senior at the College of Staten Island and will be receiving her BA in English with a concentration of literature this coming Spring ‘24. While aspiring to continue her scholarly pursuits in English literature, she has always been passionate about writing and the process one takes to enhance their writing skills. Although some may find it “geeky” or “strange,” Amina finds an annoying amount of excitement in showing others – even if they don’t consider themselves to be writers – the beauty behind the composition of their own thoughts and finding their voice through writing. In addition to being a full time student at CSI and a tutor at the Writing Center, Amina is part of the editorial staff for CSI’s Lost in Thought magazine and a bird-mom to a monk parakeet. 
Sarah (she/her) is currently a freshman at the Macaulay Honors College, and is planning to receive a B.A in English with a concentration in writing. She has always had a passion for literature and the writing process, with a rigorous dedication to understanding storytelling and authorial intent. As an avid consumer of literature, she aspires to publish her own works after graduation. Her goals are to become a teacher and role model to the next generation, offering careful help in improving students’ writing and reading proficiency, and encouraging perseverance in students who struggle in class. 
Tasnim, a Macaulay Honors College sophomore studying computer science, has always been passionate about writing. She tutored for an ENG 111 class last year and is eager to help more students this year. Tasnim firmly believes that anyone can craft a remarkable piece of writing once they truly grasp their message. In her spare time, Tasnim frequently immerses herself with her beliefs and thoughts through poetry. Tasnim enjoys brainstorming with others and exploring the diverse perspectives that writing offers.

The Writing Center tutor will ask what you would like to work on during the session. They will also ask to see the assignment prompt and to hear about any feedback you have received on your writing from your professor. 
The Writing Center tutor will discuss your writing with you, which will frequently involve asking you questions about your ideas and getting you to talk through problems arising from your writing. 
If you haven't yet written anything, the tutor will help you brainstorm and organize ideas. If you have a draft, you will then spend time together reading the parts of the paper that you have both agreed to focus on.
You can expect to take plenty of notes! You will spend the last part of the session developing a plan for further writing and revision.

Please come prepared with a physical or virtual copy of any writing assignments, prompts, instructions, rubrics, or anything else relevant to the writing you would like assistance with. Feel free to ask any questions or seek out any specific guidance or feedback. It never hurts to have some questions prepared ahead of time, but you will probably think of more during the session. Tutoring is a collaborative process, and what you can bring to the session is as important as what the tutor can provide!