The art and study of reading, writing, language, and speech are among the oldest forms of education in the world. In the English Department you can pursue this vital activity in one or more of our academic fields: Literature, Writing, Linguistics, and Speech Language Pathology. Through practice in interpretation, composition, and research, we encourage you to appreciate a variety of experiences and cultures while developing a range of rhetorical and analytical abilities—skills that will be useful in your career and in all aspects of your life. Inspired by the complex and diverse nature of our students’ experiences, we foster the values of respectful discussion and debate, intellectual curiosity, civic responsibility, self-empowerment, and empathic engagement with the perspectives of others. 

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The Writing Center

The Writing Center (WritingCenter@csi.cuny.edu) is now offering both online and in-person tutoring.  Visit Writing Center Tutoring for full details including schedules.

Basic Services and Goals

The Writing Center, under the direction of the English Department, assists students in improving their reading and writing skills in all subject areas. Our tutors do this by providing students with meaningful feedback and engaging them in discussion aimed at helping the students fulfill their potential through a better understanding of course requirements, assignments and readings.

Primary Modes of Tutoring

To meet these goals, we offer two primary modes of tutoring.

  • Online sessions are conducted via appointment only.
  • During in-person hours, students will be seen on a first-come, first-served basis.

If you wish to schedule an online appointment, please submit your request to WritingCenter@csi.cuny.edu.
If you prefer to see someone in person, come join us in 2S-216 during our scheduled drop-in hours.

If you have questions or require further information, feel free to call us @ 718.982.3635.

For Students Whose First Language is not English (ESL Students)

The English Department offers writing courses that are tailored especially for students whose first language is not English.  For more information about our ESL courses please click here.

English / Modern Languages Building
Building 2S, Room 218
Willowbrook Campus

Department Contact

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Chair and Associate Professor

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Administrative Assistant

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Office Assistant

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