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Women's Studies Program

About the Program

The Women's Studies Program is interdisciplinary. It draws on a wide range of perspectives, including anthropological, economic, historical, literary, psychological and sociological, to explore women's lives, and the significance of gender in general, in contemporary and past societies both in the United States and across the globe. Faculty from a number of different departments teach Women's Studies courses and all the courses are cross-listed. This means they can be taken for credit in either the Women's Studies program or the department or program with which they are cross-listed.

The Women's Studies Program at the College of Staten Island, established in 1972, is the second oldest Women's Studies Program in the U.S. The Program's courses encourage students to explore the many ways in which gender shapes their lives as women and men.


Contact Information

Catherine J. Lavender, PhD


Building 2N Room 203
Email Catherine J. Lavender, PhD

Why Take Women's Studies?

Women's Studies courses emphasize critical thinking and develop research and writing skills. The Women's Studies major and minor prepare students for careers in teaching, public advocacy, business and industry, and serve as excellent preparation for study at the graduate and professional level.

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