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Interdisciplinary Programs

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Do you see yourself working on finance in East Asia? Are you drawn to the culture and social issues of the Caribbean and Latin America? Are you frustrated with your limited ability to help those with autism spectrum disorder?

Traditional disciplines like English, History, and Political Science have long been the heart of the university, but an interdisciplinary program like the International Studies major or minor, minors in East Asian Studies or Latin American, Caribbean and Latina/o Studies, or the advanced certificate in Autism Spectrum Disorders might be your best route to what you need. 

The Division of Humanities and Social Sciences has some of the College’s oldest and newest interdisciplinary programs. African and African Diaspora Studies; and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies have been in existence since the 1970s and are still going strong, broadening and redefining themselves to more inclusive considerations of the total African diaspora experience and gender and sexuality studies.

Each of our Interdisciplinary programs was developed as a response to critical social questions, and each pulls together professors from across the campus. Some programs are for undergraduates and some for graduate students. You can major in them for your degree or combine them with others for a double major. Others are minors or certificates that must be combined with a discipline. Check them out. They will make you stand out as someone with strong interests, expertise, and signal that you are ready for the latest approaches to solve the challenges of today’s world and workplace.

Interdisciplinary Programs

Interdisciplinary Certificate Program

Certificate Program


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Autism Spectrum Disorders Advanced Certificate

Kristen Gillespie-Lynch



Interdisciplinary Minors



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Disability Studies

Eleni (Nelly) Tournaki



East Asian Studies

Andrew Lambert



Latin American, Caribbean and Latina/o Studies

Sarah Pollack
Rafael de la Dehesa