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Prospective Students

Applicants are required to meet the following criteria:

The DPT Class of 2021 and all future classes will begin in the Summer Semester (first week of June).  Please see the CURRICULUM CLASS 2021 LINK under Helpful Links & Downloads


1) Students must have completed a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited four-year institution by the end of the spring semester prior to admission. The degree of difficulty of the undergraduate coursework is considered when making admissions decisions. The following pre-requisite courses are required:   

  • Two semesters of Anatomy and Physiology for science majors, with laboratories (within the past 10 years).  (Bio 150, 160 @ CSI)
  • Two semesters of Physics for science majors, with laboratories (Phy 116, 156 @ CSI)
  • Two semesters of Chemistry for science majors, with laboratories (Chm 141/121 and Chm 142/127 @ CSI)
  • Two semesters of Psychology
  • One semester of Mathematics (pre-calculus or college algebra and trigonometry) (Mth 123 or Mth 130)
  • One semester of Statistics (we recommend a course that includes computer applications), Statistics in Psychology is acceptable (Bio 272 or Mth 214)
  • One semester of English composition (e.g., expository writing) (Eng 111)

2) For applicants who have not studied in English-speaking countries, a score of at least 550 (paper), 213 (computer), or 79-80 (Internet) on the TOEFL examination. (Taken within the past year)

3) The application is available online at The deadline for submission is OCTOBER 1st of every year. Students should plan to have all application materials completed by the OCTOBER 1st  deadline. The department will accept GRE exams taken before the OCTOBER deadline even if the scores don't arrive until NOVEMBER 1. 

4) Applicants are required to complete 100 hours in the United States under the supervision of a licensed physical therapist. Because of the difficulty finding observation sites due to COVID, we will accept these hours in any setting.  For example, we will accept 100 hours in an outpatient clinic.  We will not require inpatient observation hours for this admissions cycle.

5) All prerequisite requirements must be met by the end of the Spring semester immediately preceding the start date of the program. 

Note: While a 3.0 undergraduate GPA is the minimum to apply to the DPT program, due to the competitiveness of the program, this does not assure admission to the program.