Appeal Process

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Appeal Process

CUNY’s new general education curriculum, Pathways, was implemented in Fall 2013. Students may wish to appeal decisions related to Pathways in the following cases:

  • Students who have returned to the College of Staten Island after an absence of more than one semester. Such students are automatically placed on Pathways, but a student may wish to preserve their original catalog requirements.
  • Students who were originally admitted to the Associate’s division may wish to stay on their original catalog after they declare their baccalaureate major.

In both cases, students should complete the Petition to restore original catalog for general education

  • Transfer or other students may wish to appeal a course equivalency decision related to credit for the Pathways areas.

Such students should use the General Education form for Substitution and/or Waiver Requests.

  • Continuing students may wish to opt into Pathways.

Such students should use the Pathways Opt-in Contract form consult the opt-in information and then complete the opt-in form.