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Fei Tecnai Spirit Transmission Electron Microscope

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Electron Optics:

  • Line resolution: 0.2 nm
  • Information limit: < 0.2 nm
  • High tension (min step): 20-120 kV (continuous 10V)
  • Number of spot size: 11
  • Magnification: 18-650 kx
  • Focal length: 2.8 mm

Specimen Manipulation:

  • Alpha tilt angle: +-70 degree
  • X, Y direction: 2.0/2.0 mm
  • Z direction: 0.75 mm
  • Recalling accuracy: <0.1µm
  • Number of stored positions: Infinite, including optics settings i.e. intensity, magnification, spotsize
  • Sample exchange time: < 30 sec (without switching off)
  • Intelligent recall: Comment mediated stage position recall
  • Specimen drift:<1.0 nm/min<0.1µm


  • AutoGun module: Enables automated gun conditioning, saturation, alignments.
  • AutoTune module: Enables automatic focus and astigmatism correction.
  • Tomography: Automated calibration and series acquisition. Reconstruction and rendering through Xplore3D.

Equipped with EDAX