Office for the Protection of Research Subjects

Performing Research at CSI

All CSI faculty, staff, students and administrators who are conducting research with human participants or non-human animal subjects must apply for and receive UI-IRB (University Integrated Institutional Review Board) or IACUC (Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee) approval, respectively, before commencement of their research project (whether at CSI or at another location). No retroactive approval is ever given. All applications to the UI-IRB or the IACUC are processed through the campus Office for the Protection of Research Subjects. The staff of the Office for the Protection of Research Subjects are willing to provide education concerning human and non-human animal research regulations and the process for applying for approval.

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Laxmi Ramasubramanian, PhD, AICP

Associate Provost

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 Human Research Protection Program at College of Staten Island

The Human Research Protection Program (HRPP) at the College of Staten Island is one part of CUNY's overall program for the protection of human subjects in research. It is the responsibility of the campus HRPP to oversee the protection of the rights and welfare of all human subjects in research projects conducted at CSI as well as research projects conducted by CSI faculty, staff, students, and administrators at CSI or elsewhere. These oversight responsibilities include: monitoring any ongoing research involving human subjects regarding compliance with federal, state and university regulations; monitoring university compliance with the same regulations and laws; and leading educational efforts CSI-wide regarding human subjects protections.

CSI's HRPP is overseen by CUNY's Office of Research Compliance. The Office of Research Compliance, located at the CUNY Central Office, reports to the University Vice Chancellor for Research, and works in concert with the President of the Research Foundation.
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IACUC at College of Staten Island

Both federal and state regulations require the humane treatment of animals used in research and educational activities. Meeting these requirements is the function of the College of Staten Island's Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC). Quality science requires quality animal care. The IACUC works together with the researcher to ensure that animal experiments and educational activities are conducted in accordance with the highest scientific, humane, and ethical principles..

All studies involving the use of live animals must be approved by the IACUC. This applies to all animals, even those that do not enter the animal facilities, those that may be sacrificed upon arrival, and those found in the field. It also includes animal studies performed at other institutions by CSI faculty and staff.

To report any concerns about the care and/or use of animals, please contact Dr. Laxmi Ramasubramanian, Associate Provost, at

For IACUC information, please contact