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Special Populations

Research Subjects

Children as Participants in Human Subjects Research

Please see the CUNY Policy titled Children as Research Subjects for details regarding children as participants in research.

  • Instructors should make every effort NOT to include their own students as research participants unless there is no way the research could be practicably done without them. This is due to the possibility of the student feeling he/she is coerced.
  • Research involving CSI students should be ABOUT students. That is, the research should pertain directly to students and not be done with this population because they are a convenient sample.
  • If research participation (as a subject) is offered for extra credit, students who choose not to participate must be offered a comparable means to earn extra credit. Such comparable means include, attending a short meeting concerning the researcher’s work, viewing a video about the research etc. This must NOT include writing a paper or any other more strenuous assignment than participating in the research.
  • Recruitment of students for research purposes during classroom time at CSI: a) when a course involves research practica - for example, a Psych course focused on research where methods are built into the curriculum, subjects may be recruited during class time. b) For courses that do not focus on research methods we would prefer the investigator do the recruitment before or after class, or receive permission from the Chair of the department.
  • NOTE: CSI expects that the IRB members reviewing a proposed study will take into consideration issues of coercion and undue influence, as well as the precautions to lessen these risks, before making a final decision or recommendation to secure approval.

Please see the CUNY Policy titled Prisoners as Research Subjects  for details regarding prisoners as participants in research.