Calling All Verrazzano Alumni!

We have launched a month-long campaign to raise money to continue to provide students with a unique college experience. We are looking forward to having an in-person orientation again, to taking students on more and interesting VELAs, having a convocation to celebrate our graduates, and throwing the occasionally socially distanced pizza party. The pandemic has hit us hard; we need your help to weather the storm, and insure that students will continue to have great stories to tell of their Verrazzano experience.
Whether you donate before the end of the year as part of this season of giving, or make it part of your New Year’s resolutions to give back to your Verrazzano family, your donation will make a real difference.
Please pay it forward and give now to Verrazzano Honors!

What is Verrazzano?

It is an exceptional undergraduate education.

Verrazzano makes an exceptional school out of an excellent one. You’ll take classes with smart motivated students like yourself; stretch your boundaries by exposing yourself to new ideas, activities, opportunities, and cultures; give back to your community; get individualized advice on course selection and professional development; and show off what you’ve learned doing a capstone project that is completely and uniquely yours. You’ll leave with a fabulous education and great stories to tell.

See what our students have to say on the Verrazzano Voyager.


Contact Information

Steven Monte
Interim Director
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Cheryl Craddock
Associate Director
Building 1A, Room 304
Phone : 718.982.4219
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Cynthia Palumbo
Administrative Assistant
Building 1A, Room 304
Phone : 718.982.4171
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The Verrazzano Experience

Verrazzano students are recognized campus-wide for their ability and contributions to the campus and local community.


We accept applications from incoming freshmen and from transfer students or early career CSI students. Apply now!

Verrazzano Voyager

Verrazzano students relays stories about study abroad, research, and other experiences on our blog.


There is plenty to do and learn and explore on campus and in the five boroughs. Sign up for an adventure!

Professional Development

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