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Program Requirements


The Verrazzano School Honors Program offers honors sections for its students which are smaller than the average section at CSI, are taught by experienced faculty, and offer unique learning experiences.  Honors sections are designated on your transcript as honors. We encourage you to fulfill as many general education and pre-major requirements as possible by taking Verrazzano Honors sections.  Read More>>

Professional Development

Verrazzano professional development workshops and activities help students become better prepared to apply for internships, scholarships, fellowships, job opportunities, and graduate school.  Read More>>

Community Service

Verrazzano students are required to participate in community service each academic year. This provides support and outreach to organizations and areas of need within the local community. Community service involvement also helps you explore your areas of interest, develop your resume, build professional and social networks, gain new perspectives, and much more.  Read More>>

VELA Events

As a Verrazzano student, you participate in Verrazzano Extracurricular Learning Activities (VELAs) that enrich your undergraduate experience through academic, social, and cultural learning opportunities outside the classroom.  VELAs expose you to new ideas and opportunities outside of your majors and encourage broader interests and exploration.  Read More>>

Capstone Project

All Verrazzano students must complete a Capstone Project to graduate with Verrazzano Honors. You work closely with a professor to create a scholarly or otherwise significant project that builds on your knowledge and interest in a field, or fields, of study. Every field is different, so there is not a singular definition for the Capstone. Read More>>