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CUNY/City STEM Initiative: For qualifying students in associate degree programs, enroll in and complete any designated STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) course/s and receive a tuition waiver for that/those course/s. To promote credit accumulation in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) courses and help STEM students complete a sufficient number of credits each year without jeopardizing their future Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) eligibility, the City of New York and CUNY have provided funding to offer tuition waivers for identified STEM courses during the Summer and/or Winter intersessions for current CSI students that are matriculated in an associate degree program and are New York City residents. 

(NOTE: STEM Tuition Waiver funding may become available for the First 4-Week & 8-Week Sessions of Summer 2023. Please refer back to this website in late March/early April 2023.)

PLEASE NOTE: CSI recently received limited funding to support the STEM Waiver program for the Winter 2023 intersession. Eligible students will be identified based on enrollment in designated STEM courses and then contacted. If you believe you might be eligible and were not identified & contacted by the start of your Summer Courses, please review the information below and on our FAQs and then contact us:

  • Awards are subject to meeting eligibility requirements and the availability of funding. STEM waivers cover the costs of tuition only. Student are responsible for all related Student Fees. Please review all Eligibility Requirements & FAQS;


Only current CSI Undergraduate students meeting the following requirements are eligible for a STEM Tuition Waiver for eligible Winter 2023 STEM-designated courses. International, Non-Degree, & Visiting students do not qualify for STEM Tuition Waivers. You must: 

  • Be a New York City resident at the time the waiver is applied; 
  • Be a CSI matriculated student in good academic standing (minimum 2.0 GPA at the time of enrollment) in any associate degree program at CSI. Students enrolled in their first term without an established CSI GPA are not initially eligible for the waiver. However, they may receive the waiver retroactively once Fall 2022 grades are final and they show that a student is in good academic standing; 
  • Be eligible to enroll, meeting all necessary prerequisites, in the identified STEM course offerings.

In addition:

  • Students must complete their course/s with one of the following letter grades to retain a waiver: A, B, C, D, F, W, incl. +/- grades; 
  • Any student that earns a WU, WN, or WD grade will have their Tuition Waiver rescinded and will then be responsible for any and all tuition and fees for their course/s

Courses Defined as STEM that may qualify for a STEM Tuition Waiver

*This list is intended only as a guide. Not all courses listed below may be offered/available in the Winter intersession. Students must meet the eligibility criteria detailed above. 

BIO 150, Human Anatomy & Physiology I

BIO 160, Human Anatomy & Physiology II

BIO 170, General Biology I

BIO 171, General Biology I Lab

CHM 110, Chemistry Principles I

CHM 111, Chemistry Principles I Lab

CHM 141, General Chemistry I

CHM 121, General Chemistry I Lab

CHM 250, Organic Chemistry I

CSC 126, Introduction to Computer Science

CSC 211, Intermediate Programming

CSC 462, Microcontrollers

ENS 362, Microcontrollers

MTH 113, Introduction to Probability & Statistics

MTH 122, Functions and Models in College Algebra

MTH 123, College Algebra &Trigonometry

MTH 125, College Algebra & Trigonometry with Intermediate Algebra Review

MTH 130, Pre-Calculus

MTH 214, Applied Statistics Using Computers

MTH 221, Applied Finite Mathematics & Business Calculus

MTH 229, Calculus Computer Lab

MTH 231, Analytical Geometry-Calculus I

MTH 232, Analytical Geometry-Calculus II

MTH 233, Analytical Geometry-Calculus III

PHY 116, Physics I

PHY 120, Analytical Geometry-Calculus II

PHY 121, Analytical Geometry-Calculus III

**MTH 30, Intermediate Algebra

***BIO 314, General Microbiology

***BIO 325, Diagnostic Molecular Biology

***BIO 350, Microbiology & Cellular Pathology 

***BIO 351, Microbiology & Cellular Pathology Lab

***MTH 311, Probability Theory & Introduction to Math. Statistics

***MTH 338, Linear Algebra


  1. **MTH 30: Only eligible for students matriculated in STEM associate degree programs, including AAS-Computer Tech., AS-Liberal Arts & Sciences, AS-Engineering Science, and AAS-Electrical Engineering Technology. NOT ELIGIBLE: AA-Liberal Arts, AAS-Nursing, & AAS-Business degrees.                         
  2. ***These courses may be used be used to satisfy advanced electives for the AS in Liberal Arts & Sciences.  Students enrolled in one of these courses that are matriculated in this degree MAY be eligible to receive a tuition waiver.