• Students must have an established minimum College of Staten Island GPA of 2.5. Students that do not have an established CSI GPA, including new students and those awaiting completion of their first term, will not be eligible to apply for a STEM Tuition Waiver;
  • The funding for this initiative expires on June 30, 2018. Therefore, STEM waivers will only be available for the First Summer Session, the First Four-Week and First Eight-Week terms;
  • STEM Waivers are not available through this initiative for any Second Four-Week Summer Session courses;
  • Due to the limited funding remaining, waivers will be granted on a first come, first served basis.
  • Eligible students must enroll in identified STEM courses and then submit an application during the specified submission period to be considered.
  • Students will receive an email response to their application within 3-7 business days informing them if their application has been 1) Approved, 2) Denied due to Ineligibility, or 3) Denied due to Insufficient Funding/All Available Funding having been Allocated.

The Application Submission Period Opens Monday, April 16, 2018

The Final Day to Submit an Application for Summer Session One,
First Four-Week and First Eight-Week Terms, is Thursday, May 31, 2018.

The First Day of the First Summer Session Term is Monday, June 4, 2018. 


To promote credit accumulation in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) courses, and to help STEM students accumulate a sufficient number of credits each year without jeopardizing their future Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) eligibility, the City of New York and CUNY have provided funding to offer tuition waivers for students matriculated in associate degree programs who enroll in identified STEM courses during intersession terms.

Who is eligible to receive a Tuition Waiver?

Current CSI Undergraduate students meeting the following requirements are eligible for a STEM Tuition Waiver:

  • A New York City resident at the time the waiver is applied;
  • A matriculated student in good academic standing with a minimum 2.5 GPA in any associate degree program at CSI. Students enrolled in their first term without an established CSI GPA are not eligible for the waiver;
  • Eligible to enroll, meeting all necessary prerequisites, in the identified STEM course offerings;
  • Submit an application prior to the posted deadline. Applications submitted after the advertised deadline will not be reviewed. The application is available on the STEM Initiative webpage: STEM Tuition Waiver Application

Do I need to pass the STEM course/s to retain my tuition waiver?

  • No, you are not required to pass your STEM course/s to keep your waiver. However, students must complete their course/s with one of the following letter grades to retain a waiver: A, B, C, D, F, W, incl. +/- grades;
  • Unofficial Withdrawals (WU), administrative non-attendance grades (WN, WD), and partial-tuition charges from dropping a course prior to the official Withdrawal period do not qualify.

Are Tuition Waivers available for eligible students in all academic terms, including Fall & Spring?

  • No. These tuition waivers are only available during the Summer and Winter Intersessions.
  • STEM Tuition Waivers will not be available after the 2018 First Summer Session.

What Associate Degree programs are available at the College of Staten Island?

CSI Offers three different types of associate degree programs: The Associate in Arts (AA), Associates in Science (AS), and Associates in Applied Science (AAS). CSI offers these degrees for the following programs:

  • AAS in Business (Specializations in Accounting, Finance, Information Systems, International Business, Management, and Marketing);
  • AAS in Computer Technology*
  • AAS in Electrical Engineering Technology*
  • AS in Engineering Science*
  • AA in Liberal Arts And Sciences
  • AS in Liberal Arts And Sciences*
  • AAS in Nursing

How can I determine if I am enrolled in one of these eligible associate degree programs?

If I received a Tuition Waiver for STEM courses in a prior Intersession, Summer or Winter, am I eligible to receive the waiver again?

Yes. All CSI students that meet the listed eligibility requirements will receive tuition waivers for all Winter & Summer intersession courses they enroll in for as long as they remain eligible. Please refer to FAQ # 2 for Eligibility Requirements.

What courses are identified as STEM?

These are examples of STEM courses offered throughout the academic year, including Summer & Winter sessions. Not all courses are available for all sessions. This list is subject to change:

BIO 150, BIO 160, BIO 170/171, BIO 180/181, CHM 110/111, CHM 141/121, CHM 142/127, CHM 250, CHM 256 (select programs), CSC 126, CSC 347 (select programs), ELT 114, ELT 437 (select programs), ENS 110, ENS 136, ENS 221, ENS 249, ENS 441, ENS 221,
GEO 100/101, GEO 102/103, MTH 113, MTH 123, MTH 130, MTH 231, MTH 232, MTH 233, PHY 114, PHY 116, PHY 156, PHY 309.
MTH 30: only *STEM majors taking MTH 30 will qualify for the waiver (*Liberal Arts-AS, CSC-AS, ENS-AS, and ELT-AAS)

How can I identify STEM courses in the Undergraduate College Catalog and CUNYFirst/Schedule of Classes:

All courses include information regarding the requirements they satisfy as part of their course description, which includes the STEM designation, as highlighted below:

BIO 170 General Biology I
3 hours; 3 credits
Fundamental biological principles of cell metabolism, energy transformations, and plant and animal functions including support, digestion, respiration, circulation, excretion, and integration, and selected current topics. For science, Medical Technology, appropriate pre-professional majors, and other interested students in consultation with an advisor. (Science) (RLPR) (STEM)

How will waivers be paid?

Waivers will be applied directly to a student’s CUNYfirst account on a weekly basis throughout the enrollment period and, if necessary, while classes are in session. Please allow at least 3-7 business days after submitting the application to receive confirmation of your eligibility and, if eligible, an additional 7 business days for your tuition waiver to be applied directly to your tuition balance in CUNYFirst. If you are not eligible, then you will receive a response informing you of the reason/s. Please note that students are still responsible for any Fees related to their bill.

I have questions regarding my eligibility and/or I have waited more than 7 business days and my tuition waiver has not yet been applied. Where can I go to speak to someone?

Staff members in CAAS-the Center for Advising & Academic Success, 1A-101, Enrollment Services, 2A-106, the Registrar Service Center, 2A-107, and the CSI St. George Student Services Center are available to review your CUNYFirst account to determine eligibility and answer your questions.