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All-Gender Restrooms

CSI All-Gender Restroom Guidelines for Use

Everyone has a right to safe and equitable access to our restroom facilities on campus. We ask all students, faculty, staff, and administrators to help us uphold these principles and make CSI a welcoming place for everyone.

In compliance with the law and CUNY’s Policy on Equal Opportunity and Non-Discrimination, any discriminatory conduct based on gender-identity and/or gender expression is prohibited.  Individuals have the right to use the restroom consistent with their gender identity, which is fluid and defined by the individual.

In addition to single-sex facilities, CSI offers 23 all-gender restrooms across campus to serve individual needs.  

Use of All-Gender Restrooms:

Single Stall

  • When using a single stall all-gender restroom please lock the main door behind you.


  • Multiple people of any gender may use all-gender restrooms with multiple stalls. 
  • When using a multi-stall all-gender restroom you are welcome to lock the main door behind you for privacy but are not required to do so. Before locking the main door, please check to see if someone else is in the restroom.

Please be aware that multi-stall all-gender restrooms were previously men’s restrooms. There are still operational urinals in these restrooms and a person may be using it when you enter. If this makes you uncomfortable, we encourage you to wait until the person has finished or to find another restroom in the building.

All-gender restrooms are becoming more common in public businesses, college campuses, and government buildings. CSI is proud to be a part of this social progress. Help us to have CSI continue to be a welcoming place for all.

While using the restroom with someone of another gender may make you uncomfortable, this is no excuse for harassment or violence, for which CSI has a zero-tolerance policy.

How to Report a Concern:
If you experience discrimination, including harassment or violence, while utilizing a restroom please do not hesitate to report it to one of these offices:

Institutional Equity and Title IX


Office of Public Safety

Please use the chart below to find an All Gender Restroom on campus. 

All Gender Restroom Locations
Building Floor Location Type Wheelchair Accessible
1C 2 Through entrance 2B. Between 229 and 231. By The Banner and LGBTQ Resource Center Single stall Yes
1N 1 By room 107 Multiple Stalls Yes
2N 2 Between rooms 224 and 225 Multiple Stalls No
3N 2 Between rooms 222 and 223 Multiple Stalls Yes
4N 2 By room 218 Multiple Stalls No
5N 2 By room 218 Multiple Stalls No
1P 2 Outside the Williamson Theatre Multiple Stalls Yes
1A 2 By Stair A and room 204     Multiple Stalls  
2A 2 Between rooms 201 and 202 Multiple Stalls  
3A 1 By front door 2 Single Stall No
1L 2 Up the stairs to the right of the automatic sliding doors by room 203 Single Stall Yes
1S 1 By room 114 Multiple Stalls Yes
2S 2 Between rooms 221 and 223 Multiple Stalls No
3S 2 Between rooms 210 and 211A Multiple Stalls Yes
4S 2 Between rooms 223 and 225 Multiple Stalls Yes
5S 2 By room 216 Multiple Stalls No
6S 1 Near room 143 and elevators Multiple Stalls No
1M   No All Gender Restroom    
2M   No All Gender Restroom    
1R   No All Gender Restroom    
2R 1 One in lobby. One between rooms 106 and 107 2 Single Stall No
St. George 1 Two in student lounge near main entrance 2 Single Stall Yes