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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In case of an emergency, please call the Office of Public Safety at 718.982.2111

What is the CARES Team?

The College of Staten Island Campus Assessment Referral and Evaluation System Team is a committee of trained professionals that meets once a month (or more regularly when the need arises) to review situations involving students about whom reports are received.  The CARES Team will determine an intervention for the individual should it be necessary.

Why do we need a CARES Team at CSI?

Members of the campus community are often the first to recognize that dangerous and/or disruptive behavior is symptomatic of a person who may need assistance.  The CARES Team has been established to respond to reports made by members of the campus community and develop interventions that may ensure the maintenance of safety and order on the campus.

What should I report?

Following the NYC campaign, “If you see something, say something,” campus members are encouraged to do the same.  If you see any behavior that you feel is dangerous or disruptive, please report it to one of the CARES Team members or fill out the On-line Reporting Form. You may be contacted by a CARES Team member for more information if needed.

What will happen once a report is made?

A member or members of the CARES Team will design a plan to intervene with the person who may be of interest to the committee.  The student that you report will be given the support and assistance they require by the CARES Team and other College and community resources. 

How do I make a report?

Please complete the On-line Reporting Form or contact a member of the CARES Team.