Past virtual and in person employer events have included:

  • Company overview, and/or recruitment effort
  • Specific job, internship, or special program overview
  • Insight into specific industries and skills needed to succeed

(A Career Center staff member will attend your session to assist with the presentation or any issues you may encounter.)

If you are unsure what type of presentation is best, would like to collaborate on a new one, or have questions, please contact feel free to contact our office!

If you would like to request an event, please complete the Employer Event or Presentation Request Form.

Thank you for your interest in providing career opportunities for College of Staten Island students.  You can post your jobs and internships on our online database powered by Handshake. Please use the link below to link your preexisting Handshake account to CUNY CSI, or to create a new account.

Click here to create or link your Preexisting Handshake account to CSI CUNY


It is quick and easy to do and will provide you the convenience of posting as many jobs and internships as you need to fill, with the added convenience of deleting jobs after your recruiting needs have been met.  Please note that you will be required to use an official business email in order to complete your registration. For your protection, we cannot accept personal emails. Once you establish your account it will enter our Review Queue. This review process typically takes two business days. 

We look forward to helping you with your staffing needs.  Again, thank you for your interest in students and graduates from the College of Staten Island, The City University of New York.

If you have any problems registering on Handshake, please contact us at 718 982-2300 or email us at careers@csi.cuny.edu.

You may also want to consider creating a post for a micro-internship.

Micro-Internships for students & recent grads of College of Staten Island (parkerdewey.com)

Thank you for thinking of CSI students. If you are interested in shadowing, mentoring, or providing an informational interview, please complete the form below.

The Center for Career and Professional Development (CCPD) contributes directly to the social mobility of College of Staten Island students and alumni by empowering them to be marketable and competitive for life-long career opportunities through the delivery of a comprehensive range of services and individualized support that respects student needs and diversity.


The CCPD invites internship recruiters and employers to collaborate with us in engaging students in "career readiness" recruitment events, activities and opportunities, both on campus and virtual, that will promote sustained career and self-development growth and success.


What We Offer:

  • Employer Presentation Series – on campus and virtual.
  • Employer/Recruiter informational Tabling Program
  • Internship and Employment Career Fairs – on campus, virtual, or hybrid
  • Targeted Internship and employment Career Fairs by major and industry
  • Networking Events and Activities with Employers, Recruiters, and Alumni
  • Engaged Educational Activities
  • Experiential Learning and Leadership Opportunities
  • On-Campus or Virtual Recruitment
  • Braided Work-Based Learning Programs 


 CCPD staff are available to

  • Partner with you in developing or planning on campus or virtual career-related recruitment events, engaged educational projects or activities, and networking opportunities
  • Invite you to meet our students through our employer presentation series, networking, on campus or virtual recruiting including job fairs, “Meet and Greet” events, simulated work-based learning projects, classroom or tabling informational opportunities and more
  • Provide you with qualified students for internships and employment through Handshake and one to one collaboration with CCPD staff.  If you have an internship or employment opportunity, we will find you the best candidate!   


Recruiters, Employers and Alumni can:

  • Suggest topics for career events, programs, and services
  • Collaborate with CCPD staff in developing career planning programming 
  • Consider subsidizing simulated or real work-based learning projects for students through grant writing, stipend programs, or fundraising
  • Participate in alumni job development and hiring initiatives
  • Encourage students to make the CCPD their "go to" center for all their career needs!
  • Hire our students for internships and jobs!