Third Year Plan

1. Identify and start applying for Internships

2. Step up recruiting and networking

  • Attend all alumni networking events on campus
  • Reach out to faculty members who can help you make connections to employers in your field
  • Don’t forget family and friends - they are among the most powerful resources in making contacts within companies
  • Hold office in professional, community based, or campus-wide clubs and organization (CSICONNECT)
  • Continue building leadership skills through volunteering on campus or in your community
  • Attend career events, employer presentations, and fairs

3. Research graduate school or other post-graduate opportunities

Attend graduate school open houses at CSI and other schools you are considering (Office of Institutional Advancement and External Affairs)

4. Apply for Study Abroad if Interested

5. Work closely with the CCPD

try to prepare and apply for internships that you have identified as career builders! Make an appointment and keep coming back until you get the internship!