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Will I be required to purchase a permit in Spring 2022?
All students and faculty/staff who park their vehicles on campus 3 or more times a semester are required to purchase a valid CSI parking permit.

How do I purchase a permit ?
Permits are currently available for purchase and will be sold by semester only and will expire on 8/31/2022. Permits can be obtained by visiting our website at  

How much does a permit cost?
The student semester permit rate will be $66.00 and will expire on 8/31/2022.  Faculty/Staff can access their permit rates at 2022-2023 Faculty/Staff Parking Decal Fees (  Faculty/Staff rates will be available for purchase by semester only and will be prorated upon check out.  Permits can be obtained at

What are my options if I am only parking on campus occasionally?
We recognize that many of you will be enrolled in hybrid courses and/or working a hybrid schedule and therefore, we are pleased to announce that we are now offering the additional option to purchase a “Daily Parking Pass.”  Our daily parking pass will also be available to visitors and/or students looking to access amenities on campus.  Please visit our website at to purchase a daily pass. 

Due to COVID and the campus closure, I did not park on campus for the remainder of the Spring 2020 and Summer 2020.  Am I eligible for a credit?
Students and faculty/staff with a pre-existent parking permits that expired on August 31st 2020 are eligible for a credit and will receive an email with instructions on how to utilize your parking credit for the upcoming semester.

If you are graduating or transferring to another institution and will not be returning to campus, please contact our office for further information on how to receive a refund.
*All credits will expire August 31, 2022.

Can I transfer my permit to another car?
You cannot transfer permits from one vehicle to another. If you get a new car, please contact for instructions. Remember that all registered students must purchase their own permit. Households with multiple students are required to purchase a permit for each vehicle coming to campus.

Can I be denied a permit  because of unpaid tickets?
Yes. All tickets must be satisfied before a permit can be purchased.

I am a student that also works for the college. Do I qualify for a staff permit and an access card?
No. Student status prevails. You will be eligible for a student permit. Only those individuals who are issued CSI Faculty/ Staff ID cards may purchase a staff permit.

How do I register for a handicapped permit?
If your vehicle has handicapped license plates, the vehicle is automatically authorized to park in any handicapped-reserved space. A valid CSI parking permit is still required.
The College of Staten Island requires, in addition to a valid CSI parking permit, every student and college employee who displays a State, County, or municipal agency handicapped hangtag to REGISTER with the Office of parking & DolphinCard Services prior to using the handicapped-reserved spaces on campus. A special permit will be issued for your vehicle that will authorize you to park in these spaces. Please contact the office for specific instructions.  Please follow up with an email to our office with a copy of your driver’s license and a copy of your hangtag to verify handicapped credentials.

What if I don't pay tickets received?
Due to a rise in non-compliance with permit purchasing, we will be increasing enforcement monitoring, which will include immobilization of non-compliant vehicles. Vehicles with two (2) more outstanding summonses that are past the due date for payment are subject to vehicle immobilization. Additional sanctions may include placement of an academic block, which will prevent the student from registering for classes, receiving a transcript, or obtaining a diploma. Faculty and staff with one or more outstanding summonses may have a letter of advisement sent to their Department Chair, Director, or Dean. All outstanding summonses are subject to collections proceedings.

What do I do if my registered vehicle is out of commission and need to bring another vehicle on campus?
If you need to bring an alternate vehicle to campus, please visit our website at to access your account and make a temporary vehicle change.

What do I do if my vehicle is immobilized?
The Barnacle immobilization system, which attaches to the vehicle windshield, will be utilized on campus. If your vehicle is immobilized, follow the instructions displayed, or contact the Parking Office immediately to discuss payment options. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO MOVE THE DEVICE OR THE VEHICLE