Training Sessions

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Spring 2020 Training

If you would like to register for any of the upcoming training sessions, please call x2345 for more information.

Classroom Sessions Currently Not Available


Topic Date Time Location
Blackboard Collaborate      

What you will learn:

  • Blackboard Collaborate
    • Synchronous Virtual Office Hours
    • Asynchronous Videos 
    • Online Learning
  • OneDrive
    • Access & store your files in OneDrive
  • Dropbox
    • Access & store your files in Dropbox

Schedule a 30 minute One-on-One session at your convenience based on a topic of your choice. Sessions will be held in 2A-302.

Train at your desk via Blackboard Collaborate

OneDrive vs. Dropbox 3/10/20 3:00pm-4:00pm
Dropbox 3/24/20 3:00pm-4:00pm
Blackboard Collaborate 3/31/20 3:00pm-4:00pm

A calendar schedule will be sent out each month via email with the topic of the month and links to access these training sessions. Training sessions take place online at 12pm via Blackboard Collaborate.

March is Office 365 Month.
Click on the session below you would like to attend. You can join 15 minutes before the session starts on the day that the session is being held:

MS Office 365 Overview 3/9/20 12:00pm
MS Office 365 Word Overview 3/11/20 12:00pm
MS Office 365 PowerPoint Overview 3/13/20 12:00pm
MS Office 365 Excel Overview 3/16/20 12:00pm
Office 365 OneNote 3/18/20 12:00pm
Office 365 Teams 3/20/20 12:00pm
Office 365 Forms 3/23/20 12:00pm
Office 365 Sway 3/27/20 12:00pm
Office 365 OneDrive 3/30/20 12:00pm


Training Catalog


Adobe Acrobat

  • convert MS Office documents to a PDF
  • create a form
  • create a writable PDF document

Adobe Photoshop (Basic)

  • basic Photoshop tools
  • working with layers
  • insert text, shapes & images
  • file types/save & export

Blackboard Collaborate

  • Synchronous Virtual Office Hours
  • Asynchronous Videos 
  • Online Learning


  • Learn how to access your CSI Dropbox account
  • Upload & store files


MS Access I

  • create, open & save a database
  • import/export text files
  • create tables
  • and more...

MS Access II

  • create basic queries

MS Access III

  • create basic forms
  • create basic reports

MS Excel I

  • difference between a workbook and a worksheet
  • set up a document
  • change default settings
  • and more...

MS Excel II

  • create a template
  • apply conditional formatting to cells
  • group data
  • link cells within a document
  • import/export data
  • filter

MS Excel III

  • create a chart
  • create a pivot table
  • create macros
  • perform functions


  • Stay organized with the ability to:
    • take notes at meetings
    • syncs email and files
    • share notes & collaborate

MS Outlook/Instant Messaging

  • create a distribution list/contact/group/address book
  • create a task
  • create a calendar
  • create an appointment
  • add attachments to appointments
  • scheduling assistant
  • message colleagues using IM

MS PowerPoint

  • create a presentation
  • import graphics to slides
  • create hyperlinks
  • custom animation
  • transitions

MS Word I 

  • set up a document
  • create tables
  • create/customize ribbons/default settings
  • create hyperlinks
  • and more...

MS Word Mail Merge 

  • create a template
  • create mail merge

MS Visio (Basic)

  • create flow charts, diagrams & org charts
  • insert shapes, connectors & text
  • save & export

Office 365 for Education

  • Accessing Programs
  • OneDrive
  • File Backup
  • Forms


  • Learn how to access your CSI OneDrive account
  • Upload & store files

RAVE (Text Messaging System)

  • learn how to send text messages to your students


  • how to customize voicemail
  • instant messaging (IM)

Windows 10 Basic Computer Skills

  • add icons to the start bar (task bar)
  • create/delete shortcuts on the desktop
  • folder management structure
  • and more...

Windows Movie Maker/Illumira

  • create videos using Windows Movie Maker
  • upload videos to Illumira digital media repository
  • information on using Illumira for Blackboard