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Double Rolling Down The Hallway in Building 2AFrequently Asked Questions

  • Can you have multiple people connected to the Double controlling the unit?
    No. This is to prevent chaos, as well as to respect privacy.
  • While it’s not in the dock, does the iPad draw power from the Double? 
    No. However, when the charge of the iPad goes down to 10 to 15% of battery life, the Double will give enough power to stay in operation, as long as the Double has charge left.

  • What does this symbol mean on the bottom left-hand side of the screen:  
    It allows toggling between the Double’s camera kit and the iPad camera. The iPad’s internal camera gives a more narrow view, whereas the camera kit gives a panoramic view.

  • How to do a survey?
    Create a web survey and then choose using “Display a Web Page” from your computer. There’s no native, built-in survey tool.

  • Can a tech override the Double when someone else (such as a professor) is using it? Can they take over? Can they listen in? 
    No. Also, it has secure video encryption.

  • Can you create multiple Double accounts based on the same email address?
    No. Each Double account must be tied to a unique email address.

  • How would a user remotely connect to the Double?
    OITS will configure a link, based on the date and time when the Double is needed by the user. An email will then be sent to the user from By clicking on this link during the time specified for a user, there will be automatic connection to the Double.

  • What is the range of the Double?
    Since it works over WiFi, the range depends on the limits of the network.

  • While the sound is good for a classroom, can the Double address large venues with a lot of background noise?
    No, unless you put it in front of a podium with a mic!

  • What is the best video setting, High or AHD?

  • Can you have simultaneous login using the same credentials from different locations?

  • Even though it has a charging dock, does it have a regular power adapter?
    Yes. It is stored in the base of the dock.