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Dear Parents,
Congratulations on your child’s enrollment into CSI.  We recognize the tremendous pride that you have in witnessing this accomplishment for your child.   CSI understands the hard work, patience, dedication (and not to mention expense) that you have expended in affording this opportunity to your loved one; and we seek to support you in your continued endeavor to encourage their growth and success.

You will soon discover that, when compared to high school, there is a tremendous difference in the operational principles and guidelines that faculty and administrators need to adhere to with regards to parental interaction in the college environment. CSI recognizes that these changes can oftentimes be challenging, and at times, even disconcerting. As such, the links that are provide on this page have been supplied to help you successfully navigate our higher educational institution so that both you and your child can have the most productive and successful educational experience possible.

We are proud to share in your success; and take seriously our commitment to provide the highest standards in teaching, research, and scholarship to enrich your child’s educational aspirations.   We look forward to you integrating your support of this endeavor as you continue your educational encouragement of your loved one.

Academic Advising Expectations

Advisor Responsibilities – What Your Child Can Expect

  • Assistance with the formulation of an educational plan that is consistent with the student interests, abilities and professional goals.
  • Assistance with monitoring and evaluation of academic progress.
  • Assistance with curriculum and course selection.
  • Assistance with career choices and suggestions of alternative careers, exploration of graduated school possibilities and discussions of the necessary undergraduate preparation for such pursuits.
  • Familiarity with academic policies, procedures, resources and the student support services which exist to support student success.
  • Familiarity with advising best practices and procedures.
  • Accessibility and appropriate referrals.
  • A teacher/mentor who mutually respects, guides, supports and advocates for their advisee.
  • A teacher/mentor that’s confidential, protects and abides by CSI and FERPA guidelines.

Advisee Responsibilities – What is Expected From Your Child

  • Active participation in and contribution to, all aspects of the advising process.
  • Proactive preparation and readiness for the advisement relationship; bring student handbook, degree audit and other pertinent advising materials to each meeting.
  • Initiation of meetings and appointments with the advisor each semester.
  • Keeping your advisor apprised of your academic progress and seeking help and clarity when necessary.
  • Mutual respect, honesty and openness.
  • Completion of all assignments and recommendations from your advisor.
  • Maintaining knowledge about college programs, policies and procedures.
  • Accessing your advising e-mails regularly.