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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - Grade Appeals

Q: When will I get an answer about my appeal submission?

A: The Course and Standing Committee’s goal is to send out the appeal decisions no later than three weeks after the meeting is held.  If four weeks or more have passed and you submitted the appeal by the priority deadline, you can send an email to to receive a status update.  For security reasons, please make sure to use your College-assigned CIX account, and include your full name, EMPLID, and the type of appeal you are following up about.

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Q: Can you give me my appeal results over the phone?

A: To protect and ensure your privacy, results are not released over the phone.  Your results will be sent to either your College-assigned CIX account or to your home (using the address you provided on your appeal checklist).  Please make sure your contact information in CUNYfirst is accurate.

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Q: I did badly in classes last year and lost my eligibility for both state and federal aid, and I need to try and fix some WU grades.  Can I submit one appeal packet to take care of everything?

A: No: you must submit a separate packet for each issue you’re doing an appeal for, even though the reasons for losing both types of aid and receiving the WU grades may be exactly the same.

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Q: I lost my eligibility for federal aid last year and my appeal was denied.  I paid my bill using my own money.  Can I file a new appeal next year?

A: Yes: just make sure that you complete and print out the updated forms.

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Q: I got a D in one of my classes, but I think the instructor made a mistake.  Can I file an appeal?

A: No, since Course and Standing doesn’t handle letter grade appeals, but you should speak with your professor immediately because s/he could’ve made an error when submitting the grade into CUNYfirst.  If there wasn’t an error and you still feel the final grade is incorrect, follow the steps outlined here.

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