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The Course and Standing Committee


  • This is a subcommittee of the Faculty Senate, made up of full-time faculty elected by the full-time faculty from the different divisions and schools, one undergraduate student elected by the Student Senate, and two additional administrators.
  •  As stated in the CSI Governance Plan, the Committee’s purpose is “to consider all matters affecting the academic standing of undergraduate students at the College. Decisions relating to individual students are final.”
  •  The Committee reviews petitions from individual undergraduate students primarily regarding readmission after academic dismissal, WU and FIN grade changes, reinstatement of federal and/or state financial aid lost due to academic issues, or readmission to special programs.
  •  In addition, the Committee can review current academic policies and forward recommendations for changes to the Faculty Senate or other appropriate groups as defined in the CSI Governance Plan.
  •  The Committee meets regularly during the academic year, including January, June, and August. Student petitions must be received no later than the close of business on the due dates indicated, or they are at risk for not being reviewed until the next regularly-scheduled meeting.
  • The 2023-24 meeting schedule is as follows:
    • October 11, 2023 (petitions due October 6, 2023)
    • December 6, 2023 (petitions due December 4, 2023)
    • January 3, 2024 (petitions due December 29, 2023)
    • March 6, 2024 (petitions due March 4, 2024)    
    • May 1, 2024 (petitions due April 29, 2024)
    • June 5, 2024 (petitions due June 3, 2024)
    • July 31, 2024 (petitions due July 29, 2024)