The College Testing Office administers the CUNY Assessment Tests through which students demonstrate their proficiency in the basic skills of reading, writing, and mathematics. Interest testing and other forms of educational testing are available.

CUNY Skills Assessment Tests

The Board of Trustees of CUNY requires that students must demonstrate their proficiency in basic learning skills. The purpose of the program is to ensure that students have the skills necessary to take advantage of the opportunities for learning provided by their college. Students lacking those skills will receive special assistance to help prepare them for college work.

The tests are given to entering freshmen, so that students who are weak in any skills area can obtain help from their college. Students who do not meet these CUNY standards the first time they take any of the tests will have opportunities to retake the tests at later dates.

The tests establish minimum standards throughout CUNY, and students who meet these standards have satisfied the University requirements. Individual colleges, as part of their own requirements, often set higher standards before they permit students to enroll in certain courses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Additional Exams & CLEP

In addition to the Assessment Tests, departmental placement tests may be required for students entering specific majors and/or programs.
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CUNY Mathematics

The CUNYMath website exists to provide students and faculty in the City University of New York with a central location for information about mathematics and resources.
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CUNY Writing & Reading

To learn more about the CUNY Writing & Reading requirements, click this link.