CSI St. George FAQs M. Kress Highlight

Why is CSI expanding to a third location?

In expanding to St. George, the College of Staten Island will make it easier for degree-seeking students that commute from Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the Bronx, as well as Staten Island residents from the North and South Shores that depend upon public transportation, to attend classes, and offer greater options and opportunities for recent Staten Island high school graduates.

CSI St. George will also help foster goals of the 30,000 Degrees initiative, a collaborative effort among the borough's three colleges, CSI, Wagner College, and St. John's University, to encourage more Staten Island residents to pursue a college degree.


Where is CSI St. George located?

CSI St. George is located at 120 Stuyvesant Place, SI, NY 10301, just two blocks from the Staten Island Ferry Terminal, and easily accessible via MTA Buses and Trains. It is also only 7 miles from CSI’s main Willowbrook campus, which will offer convenient transportation to and from CSI St. George via CSI’s Ferry Shuttle Service.


Is CSI St. George a new campus?

No, CSI St. George is an extension of the main College of Staten Island Willowbrook campus. As such, students are not attending a separate college or campus.


Are newly admitted Undergraduate and Graduate students able to take courses at both the St. George extension and the Willowbrook campus?

Yes. Since CSI St. George is simply an extension of the College of Staten Island, all students, regardless of where they attend their courses, are CSI students and, as such, will now have the convenience and flexibility of attending courses at either or both locations. However, students that identify CSI St. George as their primary location will receive priority access to St. George course offerings.


What is the timeline for the opening of CSI St. George?

CSI St. George will open and begin offering courses that satisfy General Education, Pre-Major, and/or Major requirements for degrees at the undergraduate level, as well as graduate level course from the School of Education, in the Fall 2017 semester. Please click here for a sample of our course Offerings.


If I am eligible for Financial Aid, can I apply it towards courses I attempt at CSI St. George?

Yes. All courses offered at CSI St. George are the same courses, taught by qualified CSI Faculty, that satisfy the same requirements. Matriculated students in an associate or bachelor’s degree program that enroll in the requisite number of credits for full- or part-time status in courses that satisfy degree requirements will be considered academically eligible for their Financial Aid award/s.


If I have not applied to CSI, how can I provide information on what I am most interested in studying at CSI St. George?

Please complete and submit a CSI St. George Inquiry Form.


How can I apply to the College of Staten Island?

Apply quickly and easily to CSI online here: www.csi.cuny.edu/admissions/applying-csi

CSI has continuous admissions; however, applications should be filed early. Priority deadline for the Spring semester is September 15th. Priority deadline for the Fall semester is February 1.

If you wish to apply for the Fall 2017 semester, please visit CSI’s Direct Admissions webpage.


What if I have additional questions regarding CSI St. George?

Please call 718-982-2035 or email csi.stgeorge@csi.cuny.edu