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Program Example

Brief Summary Of Marketing Assessment 2015-17

The marketing faculty undertook an extensive review of its major in the period from 2015-17 which informed a number of changes in the Marketing Program. This effort utilized “gap-analysis” to identify areas of concern and inform program redesign.  Curriculum changes that resulted were completed by 2017.

The evidence that informed the discussion in the program as well as the subsequent changes included expanding the assessment of key courses as well as reviewing past assessment information, and talking to alumni and potential employers about what skills and knowledge were key to success after graduation. The program faculty also reviewed the relevant literature and practices at peer/aspirant institutions. As a result of their assessments the faculty made a number of changes in their program.

These changes included delisting a number of courses, establishing several new courses and creating a set rotation of the electives in the program. New content was added to deepen students’ abilities with spreadsheets and give students more opportunities in “soft skills”, especially leadership and teamwork. More advance content was added to the program in the areas of media buying and selling as well as digital marketing and more opportunities were added in the area of sales.