Welcome to the College of Staten Island Virtual Hall of Presidents

The College of Staten Island traces its roots back to the establishment of Staten Island Community College in 1956 as the Borough’s public institution of higher education of The City University of New York, offering associate’s degrees. In 1965, Richmond College was opened by CUNY as a two-year upper division college to offer baccalaureate and master’s degrees and participate in doctoral education. Staten Island Community College and Richmond College were merged in 1976 and renamed the College of Staten Island. In 1993, the College of Staten Island was relocated to its present location in Willowbrook.

We are proud to commemorate, with this Hall of Presidents, the great contributions that
the leaders of this College and its predecessor schools have made to the growth and advancement of the only public institution of higher education on Staten Island.

The actual Hall of Presidents is located in the hallway of the fourth floor of Building 1A, outside of the Office of the President.